Connecting your campus for student success

Unite your enrollment management systems in Slate for a cohesive student lifecycle experience. It's the only solution that puts you in control of your processes while offering the flexibility to evolve with changing student needs.

Slate for Student Success

Slate provides powerful tools for ensuring student success at no extra cost.

Supported by robust technology and an active community of users, consultants, and resources, our unified solution delivers the best combination of services and value for money while enhancing your holistic campus experience.

Inclusive & Unlimited

Take a Deeper Dive

Slate's wide-ranging functionality helps manage student success and post-enrollment processes to increase engagement and retention across your campus.

Intuitive Record Management


Customize Record Display

Customize your institutional records to display information that users need in an impactful way.

View all messages, interactions, and related events within the comprehensive student timeline. Organize data points in custom tabs by subject, student group, or user role. Create personalized dashboards, add visual alerts and graphics, and link to appropriate forms, events, and portals right from the student's record.

Automate Multi-Office Workflows

Create workflows for streamlined review of specific situations. Decide who can see and comment on materials and case files. Automate workflow progress so that cases move from bin to bin and queue to queue as needed.

Keep Data Private

Granular permissions enable the appropriate staff to access the right data for each part of the student lifecycle. Grant the ability to create and build new forms, events, or email campaigns to various users as needed.

Connect Across Channels


Communicate with Students

Connect with your audiences via fully integrated text messaging, emails, voice, social media, and print communications.

Send email and SMS messages to individuals directly from their record or build personalized and targeted campaigns to thousands of students. Slate offers incredible control over all components of the message, allowing you to leverage all the information within your database without adding to your workload.

Unlimited Drag & Drop Forms

Collect data from internal and external sources using Slate's drag-and-drop form builder. With our easy-to-use palette, add fields directly to a form and watch it update in real time. Use conditional logic to customize entire sections, individual questions, and answer choices. Make declaration of major forms, residence life forms, event registration forms, and more.

Customize the confirmation page or the message users receive upon submitting a form. Personalize them so the right message gets delivered to the right person at the right time.

Capture detailed communication analytics natively within Slate. In addition to standard data points (opens/clicks/bounces/opt outs/etc.), generate delivery reports about the device, location, and other details for enhanced tracking. Slate also provides email address deliverability and validation, helping you understand why particular messages may have bounced or skipped in transit.

Slate fully supports Google Analytics and other analytics platforms with JavaScript APIs for registering page views and conversion events.

Embedded Communication Statistics & Analytics

Manage Calendars in One Place


Appointments & Interviews

Slate's Scheduler allows staff to manage advising appointments, live video appointments, interviews, and other important one-on-one events with students. Users may create templates to manage the registration, communication, and details in one place while using merge fields and conditional logic to personalize them for individual meetings. Follow-up surveys and staff notes can also be collected and reported upon within Slate.

Appointments for One, Events for Many

While Slate's Scheduler lets you make appointments and interviews, event templates let you create recurring events en masse with customized communications and details. Invite, register, and follow up with attendees through Slate. Accept payments via multiple platforms as part of the registration process.

In addition to physical events, online events and webinars can be hosted directly within Slate.

Automated messages associated with an event can be triggered upon registration, waitlist registration, and hours before and after an event, just to name a few. Use any of the multi-channel methods allowed within Slate such as SMS, print, or email.

Event Communications

Need to sync all your calendars? Add external iCal feeds into Slate events and scheduler. Users can easily add institutional calendars, staff calendars, and more directly into Slate. Include free/busy information to allow for a single view.

Calendar Integrations

Events can be aggregated and displayed on custom Slate portals or embedded directly on institutional web properties. The Slate portals can display events either on a calendar, map, or as part of a list. Registrants can sign-up, reschedule, or cancel their own registration in a completely self-service way.

Portals can be built out to include any additional data points that have been collected in Slate. Build a single portal for students to reserve appointment slots, submit a declaration of major form, see which items still need to be fulfilled for various offices on campus, apply for graduation, and more.

Self-Service Management

Early Alert and Risk Management


Early Alert Systems

Create early alert forms with Slate's drag-and-drop form builder. Use the native automation options to trigger personalized follow-up messages, set watch flags, tags, or visual alerts on student records upon form submission.

Risk Management

Track student risk scores and automate follow-up alerts to staff, faculty, and even the student. Create a risk assessment workflow so that multiple people on campus can review and comment on a student's situation. Set watch flags and visual alerts on the record and display them to the student via emails, SMS messages, or Slate portals.

Track Student Lifecycles


Powerful Query Tool

Retrieve real-time data at any time, from any place. Use intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to learn, build, and maintain queries without the need for IT assistance. Export query results to Excel spreadsheets, email recipient lists, and more.

Data Visualization & Analytics

View and analyze all data points and communications in real-time with Slate's powerful reporting tool containing data tables, charts, and geo maps. Data not collected through Slate can be imported and associated with student records to look across activities and lifecycles. View reports within Slate or email them to staff on a scheduled basis.

Slate can host an unlimited number of materials—and have those materials associated with a person, application, or school. In addition to hosting the material itself, material metadata can also be captured and stored.

Users can upload materials manually through a self-service portal or an administrative staff member can directly upload materials to a record. Upload documents en masse through a document import process or through Slate’s Batch Acquire tool. This tool lets users import physical and electronic documents via scanner or upload directly from a computer. Within Batch Acquire, documents can be manipulated and assigned to an individual’s record.

Document Hosting & Management

Automations and Integrations


Plays Well with Others

Many institutions transfer data bidirectionally between Slate and other databases as needed. Slate integrates with all major SIS, LMS, and ERP solutions including Banner, PeopleSoft, Colleague, Workday, Jenzabar, Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and more. Real-time web services and data feeds ensure that student records are always up to date.

Slate can consolidate course schedules, GPA, class standing, major, residence hall information, and any other data points from campus systems in a single, intuitive environment. Your student profiles in Slate are always cohesive and complete.

SFTP Batched Import/Export

Batched exports are built in the query tool and involve the generation of flat files (fixed-width, delimited, XML, JSON, etc.) on a scheduled frequency. Any code and value translations can be configured within Slate but outside of the query, so the query can be stable and immutable even when new entry terms, majors, and other code changes are introduced. The process on the campus system (e.g., SIS, ERP, etc.) side remains stable year-over-year.

Automate Anything

Leveraging the graphical query tool, any data point can be selected and formatted into a desired export type—including XML, JSON, JSONP—and a RESTful web service can be created to export on a regular basis. Data can be pulled from Slate or pushed to an external endpoint using web services. Likewise, data can be imported into Slate by being pulled from a remote web service or pushed to a specific Slate endpoint.

Web Service Import/Export

Build a wide range of business rules to automate and support business processes and operations with the Rules Editor. For example, rules can automatically set field values, apply custom checklists, place records into populations, calculate values according to user-defined formulas, apply application statuses, assign staff to individual records, and so much more. You’ll feel as though you have an extra staff member handling the former manual day-to-day processes.

Project & Task Management

Projects—comprised of tasks—allow users to create tasks that execute business processes directly in Slate.

Tasks are user-aware, display to the appropriate staff member, and can be linked to specific records within Slate. Set the associated user either manually or through an automated process that evaluates the task assignee based on custom criteria such as staff assignment. Each task can have a unique status, deadline, description, and task notes that provide an additional level of detail.

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