We work with amazing organizations that share our commitment to supporting transformational effects on higher education.

The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners gain exclusive access to resources that provide a deeper understanding of product functionality, processes, and best practices.

Slate Preferred Partners are selected by a comprehensive application process for their commitment to providing Slate users with only the most exceptional service. Institutions looking for supplemental Slate support and integration services can take confidence in knowing that each Preferred Partner has been vetted by Technolutions and approved for participation.

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    Three distinct levels offer Slate Preferred Partners unprecedented benefits providing expertise on Slate functionality and best practices.

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    Many Slate Preferred Partners provided individualized implementation and full service support. Learn more about the services they provide Slate institutions.

Platinum Preferred Partners

  • Axiom Elite is Extract, Transform, Verify and Load (ETVL) software that collects data from Slate and uploads it directly into your student information system (Banner, Colleague or PowerCampus).

    This powerful tool features sophisticated algorithms for validating data accuracy and preventing duplicate records — more than 90% of records are processed automatically. A robust user interface makes exception handling fast and easy. Data can also be extracted from the student information system for input into other campus applications, and documents imaged to create a truly paperless process.

    Axiom Elite is not one-size-fits-all software — we customize the solution to precisely match your organization’s data business logic and workflows.

  • For more than 30 years, Carnegie has been a leader and innovator in higher education marketing and enrollment strategy, offering groundbreaking services in Research, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Slate Optimization, Student Search, Website Development, Financial Aid Optimization and Creative that generate authentic connections. We connect colleges with students through the power of human connection by measuring and then marketing to a student’s unique behaviors and motivators.

    Our Slate Optimization team, powered by Underscore, saw the industry need and met it. Now we’re transforming the higher education landscape by leveraging the power of Slate. From custom admissions, student success, and advancement implementations and in-house Student Search to dynamic portals and tailored trainings, our market-leading expertise makes us the Gold Standard in Slate Optimization.

  • At EAB, our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. We harness the power of more than 2,100 institutions to uncover and apply proven practices and transformative insights. From kindergarten to college and beyond, EAB partners with education leaders to accelerate progress and drive results in three key areas: enrollment, student success and institutional strategy.

  • EducationDynamics is the transformative strategic partner that helps schools meet the challenges and opportunities of serving today’s student. Our mission is to help colleges and universities understand, engage, and serve students and expand opportunity through education. We have dedicated the last 30 years to helping schools serve adult and non-traditional students through online programs, and we are the largest provider of unbundled marketing and enrollment management services for online and adult-focused higher ed.

    While our solutions leverage bold strategies, proprietary data, best-in-class technologies, and deep insights, our students-first approach delivers insight and impact at every stage of the student lifecycle. From consideration to graduation and beyond, our end-to-end capabilities allow us to be the only strategic enrollment growth partner our education partners will ever need to create sustainable growth, achieve lasting gains in enrollment, and mold students who will thrive and impact this generation and future generations to come.

  • enrollmentFUEL is a trusted training and consulting partner for schools seeking to implement Slate for the first time, maximize development of their Slate instance, or embrace evolving Slate features and best practices.

  • For 30 years, Human Capital Research Corporation (HCRC) has set a standard of excellence in providing customized research and analytics to colleges and universities, particularly in financial aid and pricing, enrollment management and planning, student recruitment and retention, and market analysis.

    Our veteran Slate Development and Services team provides colleges and universities a full suite of services in Slate implementation, customization, and optimization - but with a distinctive, added advantage: by integrating Slate systems development with HCRC’s analytic and research capabilities, colleges benefit not only from an industry-leading CRM but fuel it with all of the intelligence and analytic horsepower of HCRC’s actionable research. Integrating systems, practice and analytics – the key to sustained enrollment success in today’s competitive environment.

  • Motimatic helps colleges and universities enroll and retain more students. We do this by serving behavior science-backed posts to specific lists of students in social media feeds. This makes it easier for higher ed leaders to reach, motivate, and convert students throughout their educational journey. Our pay-for-results pricing model ensures our clients can quickly and effectively deploy a proven solution without risk, I.T. integration, or extra burden on their team. An easy, fast way to get started is by “unsticking” your stuck or hard-to-reach students.

  • Net Natives revolutionary approach combines the best strengths of human creativity, data and technology, to help you reach, connect and enroll your next change-makers. By understanding students’ behaviors, opinions, and actions, from proprietary data collected across thousands of advertising campaigns, polls and surveys, Net Natives powers real-time, actionable insight. This priceless, actionable insight will transform the way you think about your audience and the way your audience thinks about you.

    Using Akero, our one of a kind planning and reporting platform, and it’s two-way Slate integration, you’re able to spend smarter and track better, from the very first click, to cost of acquisition. It’s so good, we’ll even guarantee your campaign performance! Work with a team who cares as much about your results as you do. Get in touch now, and change the way you think about student marketing forever.

  • Niche is where students choose their college. Whether a school is already on their list or the perfect fit they haven’t yet discovered—Niche connects students to the colleges that are uniquely right for them. Our enrollment marketing solutions enable our 2,000 school partners to build genuine connections that nurture interest into visits, applications and enrollment. By supporting over 27 million students and families, Niche is changing how colleges and universities connect with students and build their future classes.

  • RHB is a premier marketing and design consultancy serving higher education since 1991. Our internationally-recognized professionals bring deep expertise and new ideas in articulating clear and competitive market positioning plus creative design of distinctive institutional processes, communications and experiences. Qualified Slate clients engage with RHB for expertly-delivered expedited implementations, comprehensive diagnostics, on-site team training, advanced implementations and industry-leading innovation within the platform.

    Our dedicated Slate team is comprised of award-winning and service-minded individuals, led by former Technolutions Slate.org General Manager, Erin Gore. RHB is best suited for clients who value exemplary service, forward-thinking solutions and high-performing intelligence. Visit rhb.com/slate.

  • RNL is the leading provider of higher education enrollment, student success, and fundraising solutions. The firm serves more than 1,900 colleges and universities through data-driven solutions focused on the entire lifecycle of enrollment and fundraising, assuring students find the right program, graduate on time, secure their first job in their chosen field, and give back to support the next generation. With a deep knowledge of the higher education space, RNL provides institutions the ability to scale their efforts by tapping into a community of support and resources. Visit www.RuffaloNL.com to learn more.

  • Scoir is a cloud-based college admissions network designed to expand college access and improve student outcomes. We connect students, families, high schools, and colleges for a better admissions experience.

  • MitteraEDU is a national higher education printing, enrollment and marketing firm. In partnership with Technolutions, we co-created Slate Print, automating customized and highly personalized print from the Slate CRM. MitteraEDU also offers a full suite of recruitment and marketing solutions.

  • Waybetter is a data-driven enrollment marketing agency that helps colleges and universities drive enrollment. Utilizing our battle-tested expertise in Slate as well as status-based communication, data integration, and reporting, we can help you tackle any challenge and maximize your CRM functionality.

Gold Preferred Partners

Silver Preferred Partners

  • CampusESP

  • CampusReel

  • Capture Higher Ed

  • Cialfo

  • College Board

  • Constituo

  • CustomViewbook

  • Dynamic Campus

  • Educational Credential Evaluators

  • Educational Perspectives

  • Flywire

  • Front Rush

  • Front Rush

  • Huron

  • iData


  • International Education Evaluations

  • Kennedy & Company

  • MaiaLearning

  • MARKETview Education Technology

  • National Student Clearninghouse

  • NewCity

  • Noodle

  • Parchment

  • PMO Partners

  • Primacy

  • ReWorkflow

  • Solidan

  • SpanTran: The Evaluation Company

  • The Parish Group

  • Unibuddy

  • VisionPoint Marketing

  • World Education Services