Our pricing is straightforward and comprehensive.


Licenses start at $30,000 USD per year. Most clients pay $50,000 USD per year.

Stable & Predictable

No license price increase in our 20+ year history.


One student lifecycle platform replaces many systems.

Cloud Solution

No software or hardware required.

How do our license tiers work?


We have developed rate tiers for admissions and enrollment offices based on their total number of submitted applications that an institution receives annually. This estimate is for the total annual cost for a single database and license.

Institutions typically elect to implement and support multiple programs independently, such as separating undergraduate and graduate admissions. In such a case, the license costs for each program would be determined by its respective application volume.

  • < 1,500 — $30,000

  • 1,500 - 7,500 — $50,000

  • 7,500 - 15,000 — $75,000

  • 15,000 - 40,000 — $100,000

  • 40,000 - 60,000 — $125,000

  • 60,000 - 80,000 — $150,000

  • 80,000 - 100,000 — $175,000

  • > 100,000 — Contact us for pricing details

Student Success

You are welcome to manage your student success efforts in your existing Slate database on campus at no additional cost.

If a separate license is desired for student success or enrolled student communications only, it is priced at our most affordable license tier, which is $30,000 per year. Each license contains the full service and support offerings of Slate, which include all features and functionality in the license, access to the knowledge base, community forums, community conversations, the dedicated client success team, webinars, Learning Lab, and community events.


Rate tiers are based upon their active full-time undergraduate enrollment (FTE), which we have found to be the greatest predictor of the active and contributing alumni base. The license tiers for a separate database for advancement are as follows, with the corresponding annual fees:

  • < 2,500 — $50,000

  • 2,500-7,500 — $75,000

  • 7,500-15,000 — $100,000

  • 15,000-30,000 — $125,000

  • 30,000-45,000 — $150,000

  • 45,000-60,000 — $175,000

Platinum Implementation Partners

  • BWF

    BWF offers comprehensive implementation services focusing on Slate for Advancement. We work from a detailed strategy that includes project management, configuration, data migration and includes post-go live support. Our goal is to use the migration experience to re-envision how the organization conducts its work and ensure the technology supports fundraising priorities. BWF also offers numerous supplemental services that can help organizations raise more funds.

  • Carnegie

    We offer the most customized Slate Admissions, Student Success and Advancement implementations. From Learning Lab to go-live, implementation of a specific phase, or a total reimplementation, we can help! We manage and build sustainable recruitment, retention, or giving instances, ensuring you are prepared to maintain and optimize your Slate efforts after implementation.

  • enrollmentFuel

    Our team’s background in enrollment is instrumental in helping you think through the needs of students, faculty, staff, alums, and more as you reimagine your processes and how you can best use Slate. enrollmentFUEL recognizes that each institution has different needs, so your assigned Slate Ninja will listen to your challenges to help you brainstorm and implement the best solutions for your institution.

  • FGI Consultants

    Many factors contribute to a successful implementation, and we begin by conducting discovery interviews with all stakeholders to align requirements, expectations, and timelines. Our implementation services include discovery, strategic project planning and management, existing data/asset inventory, configuration/implementation of any/all modules, training, and comprehensive user acceptance testing. We can be engaged in various capacities ranging from fully independent FGI implementation, to steering and supporting an internal team, to a blend of services somewhere between the two.

  • HCRC

    For 30 years, Human Capital Research Corporation has set a standard of excellence in providing customized research and analytics to colleges and universities. Our veteran Slate Services team provides comprehensive services in Slate implementation, customization, and optimization – but with a distinctive, added advantage: by integrating Slate systems development with HCRC’s analytic and research capabilities, colleges benefit not only from an industry-leading CRM but fuel it with the intelligence and analytic horsepower of HCRC’s actionable research.

  • Net Natives

    Are you letting Slate do everything it can for you? Determine whether you’re getting the most out of Slate through our consultation services.

    For clients that are new to Slate or that are looking at reviewing their existing setup, we will set up the basic functions of your Slate instance, including: custom fields, application workflows, record views, automations, email campaigns, form/event templates and queries/reports. Additionally, we’ll make sure your data flows seamlessly between systems.

  • Post-Captain

    Post-Captain provides personalized support to institutions that use Slate. We specialize in implementation, support, and project management. We want to address your individual situation and will work with your team to design a plan that meets your needs, timeline, and budget. Our expert guidance helps you get the most out of Slate and empowers you to chart your own course, during and after our work together.

  • RHB

    Our internationally-recognized professionals bring deep expertise and new ideas in articulating clear and competitive market positioning plus creative design of distinctive institutional processes, communications and experiences.

    Qualified Slate clients engage with RHB for expertly-delivered expedited implementations, advanced implementations and industry-leading innovation within the platform to address the needs of K-12, admissions, student success and advancement. Additional RHB resources include virtual LMS training courses, on-site campus trainings and post-implementation support packages through RHB Direct (rhb.com/rhbdirect).

  • Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL)

    As a company, RNL works with over 1,000 institutions of higher education every year to assist campus partners in all phases of the student life-cycle from admissions through enrollment and beyond graduation. As a reflection of the overall services offered, RNL Slate consultants have worked with campuses to implement all three Slate modules: Admissions and Enrollment, Student Success, and Advancement.

  • Strata Information Group

    As a Platinum member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, our seasoned and experienced consultants have a deep understanding of the Slate product functionality from recruiting to enrollment, to alumni relations, whether you need a little help or a lot, we’re here to guide your success. Our comprehensive consulting solutions include strategy, implementation, optimization, migration (from legacy CRM to Slate), consolidation (creating a single Slate instance), integration (SIS, CAS, etc.), customization, training, and maintenance.

  • Waybetter Marketing

    Our implementation approach is so different that the word “implementation” doesn’t do it justice. We will build instances that comprehensively help you reach enrollment and advancement goals—those that stand the test of time. We not only configure your prospect and applicant infrastructure—we design it in a way that allows you to fully leverage the power of Slate to give your students a superior, hyper-personalized experience, and provide staff with streamlined, best-in-class operations.

Gold Implementation Partners

  • Best Practice Solutions

    At Best Practice Solutions, our expert-practitioners can guide you through a full implementation, provide a database audit, or create custom portals, forms and reports. Our experienced and highly qualified team can also provide a variety of Slate specific training and staff support resources. We have a deep understanding of both Slate and the higher education landscape, and a proven track record of successful custom builds that utilize Slate to its full potential.

  • Ferrilli

    Ferrilli consultants, working closely with the college's staff, will configure and enhance the Slate instance to achieve optimal results. Our deep understanding of the Slate processes along with our breadth of experience supporting institutions of different types, sizes and technologies will allow us to be an excellent partner during the implementation.

  • Kennedy & Company

    Kennedy & Company can support a wide range of services for colleges and universities implementing, adopting or growing on the Slate platform. As a team of former higher education professionals ourselves, we have been in your shoes! From implementing, customizing, training or supporting clients, we have ways to assist you as you build your own path with Slate.

  • Solidan

    Solidan excels in delivering comprehensive, tailored CRM solutions using Technolutions Slate. With a deep understanding of higher education admissions, student success and advancement processes, Solidan offers expert guidance in Slate configuration, optimizing workflows, and data integration. Their dedicated team ensures seamless system transitions, enhancing user experience and engagement strategies. Solidan's commitment to client success is evident in their personalized training, ongoing support, and innovative approaches to maximizing Slate's robust features for clients.

Silver Implementation Partners

  • PMO Partners, LLC

    PMO Partners, LLC works with our higher ed clients to provide them with the best Slate Project Managers, Business Analysts and Testers. We have deep relationships with Slate experts and can provide them for your projects on short notice.

  • ReWorkflow

    Our approach to Slate implementation is for ReWorkflow Slaters to “put down roots” with your team. As your co-captains we provide project management, architecture design, solutions engineering, and advanced multi-system integrations. ReWorkflow reinforces sustainability and preservation of institutional knowledge with our help desk support staying on with you for as long as we can be of service.

  • The Parish Group

    The Parish Group offers implementation services with an enrollment manager's eye. Ranging from strategy planning sessions and module development to data integration and comprehensive communication structure, TPG helps partner institutions stand up their instance with the goal of efficient and effective support of their enrollment goals.

  • VisionPoint Marketing

    Slate brings a wealth of streamlined and automated CRM functions to support your staff needs and prospective students as they persist across your enrollment funnel. To maximize and capitalize on such a significant purchase for your institution, you must have a strong CRM implementation strategy in place, or the investment won't see its maximum potential. Partner with VisionPoint Marketing for your Slate implementation and feel confident knowing we've got you covered every step of way.