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Over 100 higher ed advancement institutions are live in our all-in-one CRM.

What do we mean by all-in-one? We believe you should be able to do everything that your team needs to do without going to many connected or unconnected external systems. Our single cohesive environment contains all the features you need — at no additional cost — to realize the benefits of a wholly integrated system. Here’s a short list of just some of the features included:

  • Gift processing

  • Online giving and giving days

  • Alumni directories and donor portals

  • Performance management

  • Print mailings, SMS, personalized video, email, VOIP

  • Event management (reunions, homecomings, etc.)

  • Native query, reporting, and dashboards

  • Automations, open export/imports, and integrations

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  • AI Generative Text

    AI Generative Text

    First Draft is your innovative AI companion for crafting initial drafts of emails and text messages and seamlessly integrating them into Slate. This intuitive tool pulls contextual information, including person and gift details, from your database to automatically generate highly personalized communications for your review and use.

  • AI Natural Language Querying

    AI Natural Language Querying

    Expedite your querying and reporting! Enter a plain language request for a query, and our AI large language model gets you started by building the query for you.

  • Personalized Video Emails

    Personalized Video Emails

    Send personalized email communications using various methods, including on-demand individual messages, ad-hoc mailings to a single recipient from an existing group message, email blasts, and recurring messages used for drip campaigns. Embed video content with other personalized merge fields in a message and pre-design the layout, copy, and branding of the message.

  • Data Explorer

    Data Explorer

    Pivot tables can summarize and reorganize query data and reveal underlying patterns.

  • Performance Management & Goal Tracking

    Performance Management & Goal Tracking

    Perform transparent, centralized tracking of employee goals. Datasets, entities, dashboards, interactions, and portals enable you to identify departmental goals and display key KPI metrics for campus leadership teams.

  • Mobile Pass

    Mobile Pass

    Customize a mobile pass for your event. The pass can be saved to the attendee's device passbook (such as an Apple Wallet). This tool provides space to create a printable badge for registrants to a specific event.

  • Trips


    Combine multiple events, donor meetings, stops, notes, and flight information in a one-stop-shop environment. Events and meetings appear on a map, providing Gift Officers easy access to details.

  • Homecomings & Reunions

    Homecomings & Reunions

    Easily create complex events in Slate. Manage event schedules, forms, registration, related events, and payment processing in one place.

  • Outreach Campaigns

    Outreach Campaigns

    Create automations in Slate to organize constituents by similar criteria. Use filters to refine the criteria and build populations. Use exclusivity groups to pinpoint specific alumni and donors for communications and campaigns.

  • Gift Receipting & Acknowledgement

    Gift Receipting & Acknowledgement

    Create and track gift receipts and acknowledgments on a per-person basis. A record can appear in the history of the receipt run and be returned in new runs when creating new gifts. Using this method on a person-based versus a gift-based acknowledgment query provides several benefits, including simplified receipting; donors with gifts split among multiple funds will receive a single combined receipt instead of one per individual gift.

  • Events Calendar

    Events Calendar

    Schedule and manage events in Slate with an event calendar view. Filter and sort based on event status or folder.

  • One-to-One Texting

    One-to-One Texting

    Text messaging is fully supported within Slate. Messages can be sent on an individual basis, en masse, or as part of a transactional communication associated with a form, event, or scheduler. A list of available numbers can be refined by area code, near a particular ZIP code, or containing certain digits. An institution can have any number of SMS/phone numbers - each number costs $1 per line/month.

  • Donor Portal

    Donor Portal

    Donor portals provide a self-service way for constituents to provide updates to their biographical information, address and contact details, relationships, employment history, education history, and opt-out preferences. It also provides them with their full giving and pledge history -- including the ability to make individual pledge payments, view any recurring payments, and make a gift.

  • Giving Day Campaign

    Giving Day Campaign

    Increase engagement and donations with customized campaign portals. Use videos, texts, and call-to-action buttons to stay connected throughout your giving day. Create challenges and mini campaigns to engage your alumni and donors.

  • Online Giving Form

    Online Giving Form

    Design unlimited online giving forms.

  • Giving Form Landing Page

    Giving Form Landing Page

    Create a unique website address and giving form landing page for prospective donors. Add your institutional branding and design unlimited giving forms.

  • Voyager


    Voyager empowers users to manage prospects and upcoming trips directly in Slate. Find new prospects using a geospatial map and plan cultivation trips in particular areas. Add overlays to filter prospects by income, giving history, and engagement.

  • Automatic A/B Testing

    Automatic A/B Testing

    Split testing enables you to create two different versions of a message and test the relative performance of each version in terms of opens and clicks.

  • Prospect Staging

    Prospect Staging

    Manage constituents from identification to stewardship using the cultivation process workflow tool. Maintain giving history, contact reports, and research data in one place.

  • Drag & Drop Query

    Drag & Drop Query

    Research any data point with custom queries and exports—no SQL knowledge needed! Refine your results using filters and schedule automated exports.

  • Contact Reports

    Contact Reports

    Record in-person interactions with constituents through contact report forms. The submitted form and any mapped interactions will appear on the Timeline tab of the constituent record. This form can be submitted administratively and directly associated to an individual's record.

  • Opportunity Tracking

    Opportunity Tracking

    Track major gift asks as opportunities in Slate. A record can have multiple opportunities, and each opportunity includes a name, date, status, and description. Customize opportunity statuses institutionally by modifying the standard giving prompts.

  • Alumni Directory

    Alumni Directory

    Alumni can easily search for classmates and update their alumni profile through the alumni directory portal.

  • Centralize Content

    Centralize Content

    Dynamic content blocks enable the efficient creation of personalized content in mailings and form communications using merge fields, Liquid markup, and even other content blocks! Add dynamic content and conditional logic to both new and existing content blocks with the WYSIWYG editor or by manually inserting merge field formatting (such as the {{Person-Preferred}} field) in the source code.

  • Postcard Mailing

    Postcard Mailing

    Maximize the effectiveness of your existing communications by adding automated print pieces, including static or personalized postcards, letters, mailers, brochures, and viewbooks to your overall Slate communication strategy.

  • Gift Entry & Processing

    Gift Entry & Processing

    Gifts in Slate are segmented into three main categories: Gifts, Pledges, and Planned Gifts.

  • Fund Dashboard

    Fund Dashboard

    Use funds dashboards to provide useful information about funds managed by the advancement office. Link gifts directly to funds and maintain critical fund data points such as accounting information, contacts, benefits, and VSE reporting.