Slate supports a robust ecosystem of integrations with industry leading providers in higher education. In addition to the many integrations listed below, institutions are able to create their own integrations with campus systems (such as an SIS, ERP, or accounting platform) using scheduled web services, batched file transfers, or our API.

Centralized Applications

Student Information Systems

Major SIS Platforms

Slate institutions have bi-directional integrations with major Student Information Systems, including:

  • Banner

  • Colleague

  • PeopleSoft

  • PowerCampus

  • Jenzabar

  • homegrown systems

  • mainframe systems

SIS Middleware

Slate integrates with middleware platforms, including:

  • Axiom

  • iData

  • Constituo

Document Management Systems

Slate integrates with campus wide document management systems so that all documents for all applicants, or a subset of documents for a particular cohort—such as just enrolling students—may be sent on an automated schedule. These systems include:

  • OnBase

  • Perceptive Content/ImageNow

  • Nolij

  • Banner Document Management (BDM)/Xtender

  • Docfinity

  • FolderWave

Score Data Providers

Slate provides built-in integrations with score data file providers including

  • ACT

  • AP

  • GMAT

  • GRE


  • SAT


  • and many more.

Research Data Providers

Slate provides standard integrations with research and wealth screening data providers including DonorSearch and iWave.

Video Interviewing

Slate offers a built-in video essay and video interviewing platform, and Slate has integrations with Duolingo, InitialView, Vericant, and Vidcruiter, etc.

Payment Services

Slate provides a built-in payment processing platform, Slate Payments, that can be used to accept payments by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Slate additionally has direct integrations with the following providers:

  • Authorize.Net

  • CASHNet

  • CyberSource

  • Diamond Mind

  • FlyWire/PeerTransfer

  • Higher One NetPay

  • Moneris

  • Nelnet Commerce Manager

  • Nelnet QuickPay

  • ACI Worldwide

  • Payeezy

  • Payflow Pro

  • PayPal

  • TMS Link

  • TouchNet Ready/TLink

  • Venmo

  • Virtual Merchant/Elavon/Converge

Single Sign-On

Campus SSO

Slate supports logins for administrative users as well as end-users, if desired, via institutional single sign-on services, including:

  • SAML / Shibboleth

  • ADFS

  • CAS


Reverse SSO

Slate can function as an identity provider for on-campus systems to authenticate applicants using their Slate credentials, using:

  • CAS

  • RESTful API endpoints

Social Login

Slate supports end-user authentication via social networks, including:

  • Google (as well as Google Apps / G Suite)

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn