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Slate AI revolutionizes higher education by seamlessly integrating advanced automation, intelligent insights, and hyper-personalized communications into your daily workflows. Designed to enhance decision-making, automate complex tasks, and create tailored content, Slate AI makes your life easier and your processes more efficient and effective. These innovative tools streamline administrative tasks and empower your team to focus on what truly matters—human connections.

We are not merely keeping pace with the industry; we are defining the standard. Experience the future of educational technology with Slate AI, where cutting-edge innovation meets practical functionality to empower your institution like never before.

Our AI-powered tools are included in each of our Admissions, Student Success, and Advancement solutions.

Explore Slate AI

AI Reader

Reader AI is a new tool that can be enabled within the Reader to summarize documents that are under review.

When viewing enabled documents in the Reader, Reader AI will summarize what a reviewer needs to know about application materials, like a letter of recommendation or college essay.

Centrally specify a directive that will be applied to the applications in a queue reading (or ones in specific bins) to tailor the pre-reads to specific goals. Reader AI will update its notes based on the document being reviewed.

With this new feature, users have a summarization tool and a well-trained colleague that understands what is under consideration when evaluating various types of documents.

AI Tasks

With the integration of Slate AI and Tasks, keeping track of your to do list has become effortless. Users can simply ask Slate to create a task in their preferred manner, and it's done.

This feature streamlines task management and hints at further enhancements to Tasks in the near future.

AI Queries

As an extension of its capabilities, an integration of Slate AI and Queries can be used to facilitate query creation. This integration seamlessly launches the Quicker Query tool and leads users directly into the query process. Additionally, Slate AI provides a convenient link for users to revisit queries if they are misplaced.

AI Insights

Slate AI Insights is an extension of Slate AI that offers the ability to answer questions not only about items in the Knowledge Base but also about the current record being viewed. Users can access this feature by visiting any person record in Slate and launching the Slate AI panel. From there, they can ask questions, and the tool will search the record in real-time to provide answers. Follow-up questions can also be asked to further explore the data.

This capability represents an innovative way to gather insights and information directly from Slate records.

AI Dashboards

AI Dashboards combines the flexibility of traditional dashboards with the power of large language models. Start by enabling the AI Dashboard option and build your data inputs as usual. Then, provide context and directions for the AI model, unleashing its ability to summarize contact reports, analyze emails, and perform various tasks in real-time using the latest OpenAI GPT-4o model. Users can preview the results before implementing these dashboards on the record.

This innovative feature adds a new dimension of intelligence and efficiency to Slate's dashboard capabilities.

AI Rules

AI Rules enables hyper-personalization in setting field values based on context and instructions. Similar to AI Dashboards, AI Rules leverage Slate AI to generate personalized content. Users can use liquid markup to set the context and define prompts to direct the AI.

When AI Rules run, data and prompts are hashed, and the AI generates content and makes updates based on this information. Generated content is then queued for review in an outbox-like system, allowing users to approve or release it within an approved threshold.

This innovative feature offers a new level of customization and automation in Slate.

AI Voice

Deliver Voice AI will allow users to create and broadcast personalized voice messages using AI-generated voices. Customize your message using merge fields and conditional liquid markup logic, and then select from a range of six AI-generated voices with remarkably human-like quality to enhance your communication efforts.

You can preview your messages, hear the voices, and then broadcast it out when ready. These robocalls will go out at the same speed as normal robocalls in Slate, with a minimal cost difference for Deliver Voice AI.

This advancement marks a significant step towards automating communication processes in higher education.

AI Dictate

The new feature Dictate with Slate AI allows users to complete forms administratively by dictating their responses. Users can select Dictate with Slate AI on any form, speak aloud, and see their words transcribed in real-time. It can fill out free text fields, generate summaries, select from lists, and more.

After completing their responses, users can select Complete to fill out the form automatically. This feature is mobile-optimized for easy interaction on the go.

AI Knowledge Base

Slate AI serves as an AI companion designed to assist users within our platform. This assistant offers guidance to users and can answer questions, search the Knowledge Base, interpret articles, and provide concise responses.

Notably, Slate AI supports follow-up questions and remembers conversation history across sessions and devices. Additionally, the AI can be customized to direct users to appropriate resources for further assistance.