Your comprehensive solution for advising, retention, and student success. 

Hundreds of institutions are using the only all-in-one solution that can identify at-risk students, serve as a campus-wide communication tool, and provide a centralized data repository around the student. 

We know you have a lot to do, and we believe your record and caseload management system should make it easier for you – and your students – to succeed. Our seamless database puts you in charge with a fully customizable framework and all features available at no extra cost. Take a look at just some of what Slate for Student Success offers: 

  • Build forms for students, faculty, and staff

  • Query unlimited groups of records

  • Manage appointments and events

  • Schedule office hours

  • Communicate by email, SMS, and portals

  • Review cases with automated workflows

  • Easily integrate with most campus systems

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  • Record Segmentation

    Record Segmentation

    Sort student records into populations to streamline communications and querying. Add tags to records as quick references for your staff and faculty, and use specific data points to control user-aware permissions.

  • Workflow


    Manage and review caseloads through automated workflows. Send your files through a digital review process that’s customized for the situation and quickly get the appropriate approvals.

  • Timeline


    Your one-stop shop for all interactions and transactions with a student. Filter, search, find the source of the action, or even resend messages directly from the timeline.