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For over two decades, Slate for Admissions has been reshaping the future of higher education admissions. We have not just set the standard, but continually raised it, providing unparalleled solutions for institutions worldwide.

Slate is more than just a CRM; it's your all-in-one platform. Our software expertly handles every aspect of modern admissions offices:

  • Application Management

  • Reading Facilitation

  • Decision Release

  • Advanced Texting Features

  • Events Management

  • Sophisticated Data Integrations

Best of all, everything comes under a single comprehensive license and cost structure. No add ons, no hidden costs - just an all-inclusive solution.

Artificial Intelligence: the future of admissions

Step into the future of admissions with Slate's cutting-edge AI-driven features. Our intelligent tools not only ensure seamless interoperability with your existing systems but also offer you the power of generative predictive text and natural language querying.

Generative Predictive Text

Our AI-based generative predictive text capability takes your admissions process to the next level. This feature allows you to generate accurate, personalized text based on contextual information. It helps in enhancing communication efficiency, delivering personalized responses and ensuring meaningful engagement with prospective students.

Natural Language Querying

Imagine querying your database as if you were having a conversation. With our advanced natural language querying, you can do just that. Our system understands and responds to your queries posed in everyday language, providing you with the exact information you need in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Whether you want to look up specific applicant details or understand trends in your admissions data, all it takes is a simple question, just as you would ask a colleague.

Revolutionize the way you approach admissions, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions like never before.

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  • Reader Review Forms

    Reader Review Forms

    Reader review forms in Slate capture ratings and comments during the application review process. Tailored to specific evaluation criteria, these forms ensure consistent and efficient assessment across all applications. Displayed conveniently to the right of the Reader and often associated with a specific bin, they streamline the review by allowing admissions professionals to systematically score and provide feedback.

  • Reader Workflows

    Reader Workflows

    The Slate Reader introduces an innovative approach to conceptualizing, building, and integrating workflows that align seamlessly with your institutional processes. Workflows empower admissions staff to proficiently assess, annotate, and rate applications within a unified interface while fostering enhanced collaboration among reviewers, minimizing paper usage, and leveraging data-driven insights.

  • Decision Release

    Decision Release

    With its user-friendly interface, decision management in Slate deftly handles electronic decision releases on both individual and batch scales. Leveraging prerequisites it guarantees the accuracy of each decision. This precision safeguards an institution's integrity and ensures that applicants receive timely and accurate communication, enhancing their overall experience.

  • Application Status Page

    Application Status Page

    The Slate application status page is an all-encompassing portal for applicants. It offers real-time updates on application materials, where vital information such as decisions, enrollment checklists, and financial aid requirements are readily viewable. The page can be tailored with self-service tools to resonate with institutional branding and specific needs, ensuring a comprehensive applicant experience.

  • Slate-Hosted Applications

    Slate-Hosted Applications

    Discover the simplicity of Slate-hosted applications! Designed with users in mind, Slate offers an intuitive, mobile-optimized interface, easy document uploads, and real-time status checks. Start, save, and complete at your own pace. Experience the future of hassle-free applications with Slate.

  • Application Creation

    Application Creation

    Applicants can begin and track their applications effortlessly on one sleek landing page: two simple dropdowns to start and a glance to check their status.