A Carnegie Success Story: St. John Fisher University

Carnegie’s skilled divisions help St. John Fisher University achieve Slate implementation goals.

The admissions staff at St. John Fisher University ran into a common problem when deciding to implement Slate in early 2020: how would their small staff manage the implementation of a brand new CRM while trying to conduct business as usual? Their goal? Focus on bringing student search in-house for Fall 2021, using all of Slate’s communication tools, providing a portal for students who have applied, and accessing analytics that would inform recruitment strategy.

With the help of Carnegie, Fisher’s admissions team was able to better manage all of these competing tasks and approach each project with tested best practices and proven experience. Carnegie’s Implementation Division provided extensive and ongoing support (modeled after the Technolutions Roadmap) to identify key milestones and ensure students would be recruited and have the ability to apply in the fall. Transferring the necessary enrollment data to Slate but also effectively utilizing that data during an ongoing implementation cycle is tricky, but Carnegie’s Enrollment Strategy Division was able to collaborate with the implementation and build reports that ensured no students were left behind in the active recruitment cycle.

In tandem with the Implementation Division, the Special Projects and Communication Divisions at Carnegie also focused on engaging with prospective students. By building a dynamic portal for both undergraduate and graduate students to utilize throughout the entire application cycle, the Special Projects Division made sure that relevant data was accessible to students at every stage of the funnel. The Communication Division also helped build out an extensive multichannel senior search campaign to make certain that Fisher’s recruitment efforts didn’t lag during the implementation.

Carnegie’s unique structure and dedicated team helped St. John Fisher University achieve all of the goals that were set in their first year of Slate implementation.

Carnegie was outstanding to work with, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner during this challenging but exciting Slate implementation. Their extensive Slate knowledge and expertise in communications, combined with steady and consistent leadership were instrumental in our implementation success. I expect the Carnegie team will continue to thrive in partner relationships and implementation support in the future.
— Dave Roberts, Fisher’s Senior Associate Director of Freshman Admissions and Athletic Recruitment

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