Slate Summit Memories

Community Ambassadors

We asked our community ambassadors why they attend Slate Summit. Here’s what they said:

“Access to infinite knowledge! Having a group of folks who support all aspects of the system available to bounce ideas off of.”

- Ron Boczarski, Slate Application Administrator IV/Ohio University; Consulting Partner/BWF

“It is where the slate community comes alive and grows. 2 days of Slate packed inspiration, learning and networking outside of a zoom box!”

- Justin Harville, Director, CRM Systems - Transylvania University | Consulting Partner - BWF

“I’ve been to every Summit since its inception and have never left without all of the above: Expanded Slate knowledge, useful tips/tricks, creative inspiration and new Slate friends! Signature drinks and dancing sharks are also a notable bonus.”

- Kelly Connor Lewis, Director of Enrollment Operations & Information Systems

Staff Summit Memories

The Technolutions team has many fond memories from past summits. Let’s take a look back:

“Watching Yale win a trip to Technolutions - New Haven - in the Slate Showdown boxing ring. Made me chuckle.”

- Karin Ente, Client Support Engineer

Note: Yale requested that the money be used to throw a party for all of their Slate users, which was hosted at the Union League Cafe in downtown New Haven, CT.

“Erin Gore and I took photos with folks who won hard hats during our Summit Basecamp session, and two of the people suddenly busted in splits. It was an absurd ending to a fun session. Another classic moment was Brian Choe, now at RHB, and Emily, now at Stevenson, going out into the city to inflate a remote control shark. This was during the Great Helium Shortage of 2019.”

- Paul Turchan, Director of Community Support

“A lot of my favorite memories are from the first few Summits, which were a lot more DIY. Like when we did the Jedi Track sessions in the basement of the Shubert (in front of the bathrooms) and we needed a big monitor so Peter and I pushed [one] across the [New Haven] Green [from our office to the theater].”

- Jacob Mattison, Senior Software Engineer

“One of my favorite memories is meeting Sara Euvino's husband for the first time in Chicago! There is photographic evidence but it cannot be shared. It was just a really fun moment that shouldn't have needed to happen so far from home.”

-Cody Gray, Product Manager Lead

“When Ball State University surprised me with a custom-made t-shirt to match their was so thoughtful!”

- Jennifer Matyasovszky, Senior Client Success Manager

"Meeting Johnny Grimmer - he and I were rushing in different directions down the hall in Nashville and we were able to yell hi at each other! I didn't recognize him initially since he was wearing a hat but it was great to put a face to the name.

That flying whale and those flying dolphins.

Sitting on the flight headed back to Portland and listening to the buzz of people on the plane talking about Summit and all of the new features that Alexander announced.

Getting to hang out with friends, colleagues, and Slate users at events or other pre-summit gatherings in the city!”

- Christopher Kwan, Senior Client Support Engineer


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