Isn’t It Iconic?

You see them every day.

Familiar. Comforting. Like old friends whose dependability you trust - or perhaps less familiar, heralding all the possibilities of the unknown, untapped power available to you and your team. You know them as Records, Queries, Reader, Deliver, Inbox, Forms, Events, Scheduler and - of course - the Database tool: Pale blue icons that give you access to the vast capability of your Slate database and propel your processes into the next level with a few clicks of the mouse.

Iconic, yes . . . but we all know that tools they are and tools they will remain. It is the people of Slate - those who wield their power for the good of their teams, their communities, and their Slate peers around the world - who are the true Slate Icons.

Yes, you. The user who works relentlessly to bend the joins of Slate to your will. The team leader who takes your own time to teach your colleagues how Slate can work for them. The one who doesn’t even work with students but still builds out processes to smooth the hurdles to their educations and connect them across their post-graduation worlds. You’ve built portals. Created drip campaigns. Fashioned reports and shaped queries to revolutionize the way your president works. You represent the best in the Slate community, our heroes and legends. And we want you with us this year at Chicago’s Navy Pier from June 20-21 to celebrate your most iconic Slate moments and nearly 30 years of Slate achievements.

Nominated by you and presented during the 10th annual Slate Summit, the Slate Icon Awards:

Celebrate Excellence

  • The awards are a means to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements within the Slate community. By highlighting users who have demonstrated exceptional innovation, creativity, and effectiveness in their use of Slate, we honor their contributions and inspire others to strive for excellence.

Showcase Unique Use Cases

  • The awards provide a platform to showcase diverse and innovative applications of Slate across various industries and contexts. By spotlighting users who have leveraged Slate in unique and impactful ways, we aim to inspire others with new ideas and possibilities for utilizing the platform to its fullest potential.

Foster Community Engagement

  • The awards serve as a catalyst for fostering greater engagement and collaboration within the Slate community. By acknowledging and sharing success stories, we encourage networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-to-peer support among users, ultimately strengthening the community as a whole.

Recognize Contributions to Advancement

  • Through the Slate Icon Awards, we recognize individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement of Slate as a leading platform for [specific field or industry]. By acknowledging their contributions and achievements, we reinforce our commitment to supporting and empowering users to drive innovation and progress within their respective domains.

Inspire Future Innovation

  • By highlighting the achievements of Slate users, the awards inspire others to push the boundaries of what is possible with the platform. By showcasing real-world examples of successful implementation and outcomes, we aim to ignite creativity and innovation, spurring further advancements and breakthroughs within the Slate ecosystem.

Use the links provided in your emails from Technolutions to nominate yourself, your colleagues, and your peers at other institutions, and register today to join us in Chicago for the Slate Summit and the celebration of all that you as a community bring to the Slate ecosystem.


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