💻 Scatter Plot Configuration in 2.5 Minutes with FGI Consultants

The Slate Preferred Partner Program puts meaningful implementation and maintenance support and streamlined product integration at your fingertips through the work of established organizations in the higher education community. This series highlights some of the ways in which they can help you in your Slate journey. 

In the realm of customer relationship management, understanding data visualization is a critical skill. Recognizing this, FGI Consultants have crafted a brief yet informative tutorial on configuring scatter plots in Slate. Their video, a part of the "Slate-A-Minute" series, offers a quick guide for Slate users aiming to enhance their data representation skills.

Scatter plots are essential for illustrating the correlation between two variables. FGI Consultants guide viewers through the initial setup process:

📈 Selecting and adding data columns

📉 Defining the X and Y axes

➕ Adding a trend line

🎨 Tips on customizing the scatter plot's display

Enhancing your reports and queries in Slate with these visualization techniques can lead to more insightful data analysis, enabling a deeper understanding and more strategic use of your data.

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