FGI Introduces Resolve: A Slate Support Service

The Slate Preferred Partner Program puts meaningful implementation and maintenance support and streamlined product integration at your fingertips through the work of established organizations in the higher education community. This series highlights some of the ways in which they can help you in your Slate journey. 

In line with this commitment to support, FGI Consultants has announced Resolve, a service designed for Slate users. Resolve offers three service levels to meet your specific needs. These levels include various features, such as support from experienced Slate captains and program managers, access to technical resources, and more:

  • Technical Support & Guidance: Connect with a team of former Slate captains and Technolutions program managers for assistance.

  • Resources: Access to a ticketing system and monthly training sessions.

  • Regular Check-Ins: Monthly one-hour check-in call with FGI’s Solutions Team; weekly one-hour check-in with the Unlimited plan.

  • Support Hours: Starting with 6 hours/month with the Core plan, 12 hours with the Plus plan, and unlimited with the Unlimited plan.

  • Dedicated Engineers: A dedicated FGI Solutions Engineer assigned with the Unlimited plan.

For further information, visit FGI Consultants.


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