The security, performance, and scalability are unrivaled

  • 99.99% typical availability, including scheduled maintenance, during a calendar year

  • Simultaneous decision releases for hundreds of thousands of applicants with no increased latency or service degradation or interruption

  • No security breaches or major outages ever

  • Over 6.5 billion email messages sent every year

  • Each institution housed within its own private database, and data is never commingled

  • Technolutions is fully PCI DSS compliant

  • Data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest

  • All data hosted within the United States (or Canada or Europe as required)

  • Integrated GDPR compliance tools

  • Direct integration with institutional single sign-on such as SAML/Shibboleth, Liaison CAS, LDAP, etc.

  • Support for multi-factor authentication

  • Granular field-level and function-level permissions

  • Direct SQL access for additional integration

  • Capability to push and pull from local and remote SFTP servers

Slate runs in the Amazon Web Service cloud, utilizing a multi-availability zone and multi-region deployment for high availability and disaster recovery. As a hosted solution, there are no additional hardware, software, storage, or database requirements. We have redundancy from the disks to the servers to the network. We regularly add servers and computational capacity to bring you real-time data with ever-increasing performance.

Technolutions acknowledges responsibility for the security of cardholder data it possesses or otherwise stores, processes or transmits on behalf of a client. Technolutions attests that it has complied with all applicable requirements to be considered PCI DSS compliant, has performed the necessary steps to validate its compliance with the PCI DSS, and will take the necessary steps to maintain such compliance.

Technolutions shall not be responsible for any and all modifications that clients make to standard Slate payment configurations or to pages that link to Slate payment configurations.