Slate licenses are completely comprehensive and unlimited

  • Flat-rate and predictable annual subscriptions

  • Admissions cost is based upon the approximate total number of submitted applications received annually

  • Advancement cost structure based on total number of enrolled undergraduate students

  • No separate costs or limitations per-feature, per-application, per-support-hour, or per-implementation

  • Unlimited emails, users, and data storage at no extra cost

  • A purpose-built platform created and supported entirely in-house by Technolutions

  • No separate “apps” required for any functionality, providing consistent data and user experience throughout
  • Clients value the efficiencies gained by using Slate:

  • Configurations and customizations may be made by non-IT staff
  • Secure mobile access available for all end-user and administrative systems
  • Self-service functionality including password resets and document uploads reduce staff time spent on these tasks
  • Comprehensive functionality reduces data integrations and ongoing training requirements by centralizing business activities in one system

Predictable and affordable

Slate is the most fully-featured of comparable solutions, and it's also one of the least expensive. In 20 years, Technolutions has never once increased the cost of Slate or its corresponding rate tiers. The cost of milk may have gone up, but the cost of Slate never has. Licenses begin at $30,000 USD per year, with the most clients falling into the $50,000 USD tier. Clients typically find that Slate pays for itself within the first year through their elimination of no-longer-necessary third-party tools and services.

Comprehensive and inclusive

Every license to Slate is a comprehensive license, so there are no additional features that might need to be licensed, no limitations on e-mails or other services or resources, or other associated costs as new features are released. The Slate subscription includes all design, development, and implementation services to provide you with the tools as well as skills necessary to achieve your milestones and overall goals. With Slate, there are no setup or implementation fees or other per-user charges, so our annual license fees are the steady-state total amounts. As a hosted solution, there are no additional hardware, software, storage, or database requirements. There are also no additional administration or maintenance fees.