is a free platform designed to foster stronger communication between colleges, counselors, community-based organizations, and students. As a part of our commitment to support and promote access to education, will forever remain free for all parties.


Manage & View School Profiles allows you to create and share a detailed summary about your school, students, and program offerings with colleges and universities.

Makes Planning & Scheduling Visits Simple

Through, display available visit times, customize instructions and communicate changes with visiting representatives. Any institution, regardless of their status as a Slate partner, will have access to your schedule of events on a public-facing portal.

See What’s Missing

It can be hard to know where all your students are in the admissions process. integrates with Slate and provides a direct link to over 700 undergraduate college and university admissions offices. View checklist requirements, upload documents, and track applicant decisions. Staying current has never been easier.

We Keep Students' Best Interests at Heart

We’re here to provide a conduit for sharing data, not to sell it. Student data will never be
bought or sold, and is free and will always remain free, for everyone including
students, schools, counselors, and colleges.

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