Building a Stronger Relationship Between Admissions Offices, Counselors, and Students is a free platform designed to centralize the college admissions process. We strive to promote access by connecting school counselors, colleges, and students through one integrated solution.

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    Create new events, invite students and partners, customize instructions, and communicate changes with visiting representatives. Any institution, regardless of their status as a Slate client, has access to your schedule of events on a public-facing portal.

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    Do you know where all your students are in the admissions process? integrates with Slate and provides a direct link to over 700 undergraduate admissions offices. View checklist requirements, upload documents, and track decisions.

  • Manage Your Users

    Manage your current users at your institution. Add new users, inactivate former colleagues, and update current user permissions. only approves the first active user for an organization.

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Gaining Efficiencies with Slate and

In 2019, once Georgetown University moved their paper-based recruitment process to a streamlined one, admissions turned their attention to improving communication with school counselors by sharing applicant data, statuses, checklists, and decisions in As a result, counselors could view missing checklist items for their students and submit materials such as transcripts directly to the university. This unique integration allows Georgetown to share application decisions directly with counselors who are enrolled in

"If you are a counselor who supports students in the college application process, you need! There is no better tool to track the application status and decisions for your students."

Diane Campbell, Liberty Common High School

"Having a Slate account is free! No matter the students you serve or your work environment, can help you overcome obstacles to facilitate the college application process successfully. Setting up an account is quick, easy, and provides access to a wealth of information to help students achieve their goals."

Janine Silberberg, John P. Stevens High School

"I use regularly to double check that I know where my students applied and if their applications are complete; I can easily upload missing pieces of their applications, and then find out the outcome of those applications. While I'm at a small school and have plenty of face-to-face contact with my students, I find that provides valuable information that students don't always remember to disclose to me. It's a great additional tool to have!"

Britten Nelson, University Preparatory Academy

" has become a crucial tool in supporting my students! The ability to track down a student's information and know where a student is in their admissions process is a game changer."

Annie Mackenzie, Saint Joseph Academy

" makes managing college and financial aid applications easier for counselors, especially for large caseloads. As students struggle to manage the digital noise and clutter, is a valuable resource for counselors to assist. The ability to know where a student is in the process, where they might be missing materials, and what they might need to follow up on is super helpful in providing effective college and financial aid advising."

Sarah Urquidez, School of Business and Management
at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center

" is one of the only tools that provides college counselors with a 'live' view of applications in-motion through the process. Not only does it give us confidence that student materials have been received and processed correctly by colleges, but also allows us to help colleges to ensure that applications become complete in an efficient manner. Viewing decisions in allows us to have accurate data and prepare for tough conversations with our students."

Alex Catalan, Seven Hills School

"Our level of support for our students has improved significantly since we started using in our counseling office. We have a better understanding of where our students are in the college admissions process and are able to provide better resources and support in a timely manner. Our office feels like we have a better grasp of the admissions landscape when we are able to understand where students are in the process, in real time, which Slate provides for us, in many instances. We love!"

Christy Conley, North Oconee High School

We Keep Students' Best Interests at Heart

We’re here to provide a conduit for sharing data, not to sell it. Student data will never be bought or sold. is free, and will always remain free, for everyone including students, schools, counselors, and colleges.

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