Summit Session Highlights (Part 2)

As we gear up for Slate Summit 2024, we’re highlighting some new and exciting presentations! With over 70 presentations from members of the Slate Community, there is something for everyone. Read on for a sneak preview from some of our presenters, and hop on over to our Instagram account to show them some love!

9. User-Proofing Your Slate Instance... "How I learned to stop worrying and love the users"

Have users ever broken something in your Slate instance? Something big? Something irreparable? We'll delve into some Slate-specific tips and tricks, broader design principles, and system-level ways to Slate safely.


Lloyd Lentz, Executive Director of Technology Experience and CRM, Macalester College Student Success

Trevor Kingsley, Assistant Director of International Admissions Systems and Operations, Washington State University

10. We got 99 comms but we only need 1: Streamlining communications with content blocks

Content blocks helped me maximize efficiency – taking 90 Deliver mailings for one drip day down to 2 Deliver mailings, and 2 full 8-hour workdays of execution down to 30 minutes.


Sarah Bundschuh, Assistant Director, Admissions Communications, University of Cincinnati Undergraduate Admissions

11. Slate Symphony: Orchestrating Success Across the Student Journey

Unlock the power of Slate at our conference session! Learn how we strategically orchestrated success across the student journey at EKU, from prospect engagement to graduation. Discover high-tech engagement, real-time analytics, and seamless collaboration for enrollment and student success. #SlateSymphony #StudentJourneySuccess #EKU


Tiffany Hampton, Innovation & Optimization Program Director, Eastern Kentucky University Student Success and Advising

Carrie Ernst, Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, Eastern Kentucky University

12. Level Up Your Game - How to be A Better Slate Captain From A Former Semi-Pro Gamer

Power up Slate Captains! We're going to draw on 20 years of video game experience to up that APM and make you the final boss when it comes to your Slate systems.


Matt Schieren, Assistant Director of Technology Operations, University of Chicago Grad

13. Are You Afraid of the Workflow? Shining a Light on Why They Aren’t That Scary

Is the legacy reader keeping you up at night? New workflows lurking on your to-do list? Not to fear - Carnegie is here!


Nina Takacs, Slate Admissions Implementation Strategist, Carnegie

Kimberly Starken, Director, Admissions & Enrollment Management, University of Rochester School of Nursing

Ryan Simpson, Senior Slate Admissions Implementation Strategist, Carnegie

Maria Sepulveda, Assistant Director of Admissions, Operations & Systems, University of Rochester School of Nursing

14. Don't Just Slate... SLAYte.

In "Don't just Slate... SLAYte," prepare to unleash your strategic prowess as we delve into the art of transforming mundane reports into compelling narratives, elevate your data presentation game by mastering techniques to make your visuals pop, and discover how to take your Slate training to unprecedented heights... and look good while doing it!


Tom Kroll, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Columbia College Chicago

15. Crafting Connections: Personalized Communications for College Recruitment

Discover the power of personalized communication in college recruitment! Come experience an interactive session exploring cutting-edge strategies to captivate prospective students and forge meaningful connections. Don't miss out – revolutionize your recruitment approach today!


Brooke Harper, Marketing Manager, Texas A&M University

16. Slating in Tandem: Navigating the Challenges of Individuality in a Shared Slate Instance

Driving success in a shared Slate instance: Aligning People, Process, and Technology


Kendra Grinnage, Associate Principal, Kennedy & Company

Nithya Vembu,Technical Manager, Kennedy & Company

LaChun Tiller, eSpelman Online Program Manager for Marketing and Enrollment, Spelman College

17. Centralized Support for Decentralized Work: Ticketing

Ticketing Portals for the People! Join us as we leverage Slate’s powerful portal capability, in conjunction with custom parent and child datasets, to create a practical yet powerful in-house ticketing system.


Joe Vasquez, Senior Director of Strategic Enrollment Management Data Systems, University of San Francisco

18. Improving Deliver Accessibility with Deliver Designer

Learn how Designer helps craft easy communication customization options, creating an accessible way for staff to approach marketing and outreach, and ensuring that what students receive meets your every standard.


Jenn Smith, Digital Marketing Analyst, Office of Enrollment Communications, UNC Greensboro

19. Creating a Collaborative Student Engagement Experience with your SIS: Unveiling the Next-Gen Student Portal

Elevate student engagement with our innovative SIS-integrated portal! Discover next-gen features for seamless collaboration. Join us for a transformative experience in student interaction and learning.


Jennifer Adams, Lead Business Analyst, The University of Texas System Administration

Brian Choe, Senior Technology Consultant, RHB

David Gosbee, Director of Enrollment Management Automation & Data Innovation, The University of Texas Permian Basin

Dr. Zia Dean, Director of Special Projects, The University of Texas Permian Basin

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