Summit Session Highlights

Show and Tell

We are pleased to offer a new Show and Tell style session for Summit 2024. Each presenter selected has a maximum of 5 minutes to show off their Slate achievement. Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this dynamic and diverse showcase:

  • Slate Doorbell - the solution you didn't know you needed

  • Some Assembly Required: Leveraging Slate Functionalities to Their Fullest Potential

  • Custom Portal for High School Partnerships

  • Bringing Joy to the Admission Cycle

  • Data Dictionaries Demystified: Revolutionizing Event Invitation Communications

  • Managing I-20s in Slate

  • Academic Drip Campaign: Dynamic Content Blocks & Liquid Markup Mailings

  • One Application, Lots of Logic

  • Implementing Trigger Warnings for Application Reading

  • How To Maximize Slate Voice and Get Ish Done

  • Concierge Emergency Contact

  • From Translation Codes to Content Blocks: Metro Regions

  • Portals and Prints: Personalized, Paper-Free Prep for Future Students!

  • Connecting Slate to Tableau through Views

  • Collecting Cycle Prep

Summit Sessions

Are you still filling in your Summit schedule? Add one of the sessions below to your list!

Funding Student Fellowships with Slate and Campus Partners

Join the University of Richmond to learn how they leveraged their Student Success instance to streamline the student payment process across eight summer fellowship programs. They’ll discuss processes to collect, organize, and feed student payment information into campus systems. By using a combination of imports, fields, entities, workflows, reader forms, and queries to differentiate between payment types in a shared process, our team was able to remove the task of manually completing over 800 check requests and EPAF forms, created safeguards to ensure proper compliance, and automate associated communications for more than a dozen departments across campus.

Managing a Multiple Interview Process for Graduate Admissions

At the graduate level it isn't uncommon for applicants to go through multiple rounds of interviews. Utilizing the functionality of related events, applicants to our Basic and Biomedical Sciences program can register for an interview day (event) and schedule 3 faculty interviews (scheduler). This session will provide an overview of all the components necessary to make this multiple interview process possible: event template with related events, scheduler sessions, application scoped interview rubric, interviewer portal, and the most complicated CJ query I've ever built.

Beyond the Binder: How to Leverage Portfolios

In this dynamic presentation, the University of Kentucky will explore the art of seamlessly incorporating portfolio processes within Slate. They took two outside art portfolio processes and integrated them within Slate. The result was far less duplicative work on behalf of students, increased visibility for campus partners and undergraduate admission, and an opportunity to learn a function in Slate we had not used. They will unravel the potential of integrating portfolio workflows directly into Slate, providing a unified and streamlined approach to managing and evaluating portfolios.

Innovation in Event Ticketing: A Case Study from Transy Sports

This session will explore how Transy Sports used Slate's standard features and one custom element to create an innovative event ticketing system for athletic events. The system allows for an event registration to be submitted, a single QR code to be used for multiple tickets, and the QR code ticket to write back to the event registration the number of times it was scanned. This system meets the needs of both general public ticket sales and NCAA Compliance for comp tickets for coaches and student athletes.

Student Ambassadors - From Application to Graduation

Join St. John's University Undergraduate Admissions for a presentation on the development and evolution of the Student Ambassador Tour Management Portal. This session will provide an in-depth look at implementing a comprehensive system to streamline tour management and enhance the student ambassador experience. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the iterative development process, key challenges encountered, and lessons learned.

Sharing is Caring, Especially in Slate: Getting Started in a Shared Instance of Slate with Admissions and Student Success

Do you have a shared instance of Slate? Is it shared between undergraduate and graduate admissions? What about sharing with Student Success - could your current students benefit from the tools in Slate? Come to this session to learn how University of Indiana started their journey. Learn their motivations for sharing a single instance of Slate for Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, as well as Student Success. Learn how populations, permissions, roles, and realms are used to customize display of data on dashboards, tabs, and events. These tools ensure that an admissions counselor doesn’t see a student's early alert system and an academic advisor doesn't see what was submitted on a final admissions review form. 


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