Summit Session Highlights

As we gear up for Slate Summit 2024, we’re highlighting some new and exciting presentations! With over 70 presentations from members of the Slate Community, there is something for everyone. Read on for a sneak preview from some of our presenters, and hop on over to our Instagram account to show them some love!

1. Match Point(ers) - Portals for Criteria and Score-Based Matching Processes

No more reconciling spreadsheets! Learn how you can use portals to bring matching processes into Slate, making criteria-driven assignments or score-based ranking more user-friendly and transparent.


Emily Toops, Director of Data Operations, Stevenson School

Tristan Deveney, Senior Solutions Engineer, FGI Consultants

Samantha Goldfarb, Recruiting and Admissions Manager, Girls Who Invest

2. Beat the Heat: How to Reduce Summer Melt with Engagement Strategies for Students and Parents

You pull out all the stops to recruit students — do the same to retain them! Discover how OWU leverages their student status page and parent portal to combat summer melt.


Adam Smith, Vice President for Enrollment, Ohio Wesleyan University

Allyson Shriner, Director of Slate, Waybetter Marketing

3. Interactive Query Challenge

Unleash your Slate skills! Dive into an interactive query challenge—1 query, 4 increasing challenging objectives. Test your querying prowess and data storage mastery. Can you handle the challenge?


Jon Cherry, Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS) Operations, Miami University of Ohio

4. FORMulate Slateverse Workflow

Ever wish you could create committee assignments, but without using the query tool? Come and learn how to unleash the power of Reader Review Form.


Cassidy Chambers, CRM Administrator, Syracuse University Graduate Admissions

Aleksandar Drobac, Associate Director, Enrollment IT, Syracuse University Graduate Admissions

5. Shiny Happy People: Structuring a Slate Team for Optimum Performance

Listen in as Seth and Dom debate the merits of building your institutional Slate knowledge and the use of external expertise.


Domenick Rozzi, Sr. Technology Consultant, RHB

Seth Filkins, Senior Associate Director of Admissions – Operations, University of Georgia

6. Making the Cents out of Travel

Pack your Slate Suitcases and get ready for an adventure in Voyager, Communications,, and Receipt Analysis Queries to make the most cents out of your travel season.


Dave DeBor, Admissions CRM/Slate Manager, University of California, Santa Barbara

Katie Jordan, Director of Slate Operations, enrollmentFUEL

Bree Meade, Enrollment Management and Student Success Systems Administrator, Allegheny College

7. Self-Service Success Using Touchscreen Kiosks

What stands 6 feet tall, is always on-task and never takes a vacation day? (Hint: It's all about swipes and pokes.)


Chris Browning, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, Slate Services, Human Capital Research Corporation

Karla McCavit, Director of STEM Success, Albion College Student Success

8. Excel at queries: Translate your knowledge of spreadsheets to Slate queries

Do you struggle with building queries? If you know about working with data in spreadsheets, you probably understand more than you realize. Let us help you connect the dots!


Danielle Buczek
Senior Business Systems Analyst, Brandeis University

Trevor Kingsley
Assistant Director of International Admissions Systems and Operations, Washington State University

Visit our website to view the full Summit Schedule. And stay tuned for more session highlights next week!


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