Slate Icon Awards Voting is Live!

The Slate Summit Icon Awards voting ballot is live! This year, we're celebrating the past ten Summits by looking back at some of the amazing individuals who have contributed to the Slate Community and the iconic moments that have shaped our past Slate Summits. Each award category, from the songs that brought us together to the spirited individuals who inspired us, represents a treasured moment from our collective journey. Take a stroll down memory lane and revisit your favorite Summit moments below.

Best Slate Song

Music has always been an integral part of the Slate identity. Electrifying beats and innovative sounds have left an indelible mark on the Slate Community and have been the soundtrack to countless Slate moments, inspiring creativity, unity, and celebration. Each Best Slate Song nominee represents a masterpiece of electronic music that has resonated with generations of Slate enthusiasts. Which song holds a special place in your heart? Which of these tracks is synonymous with the Slate experience?


Best Slate Summit Video

Lights, camera, laughter! Over the past 10 years, we've aired quite a few different Summit Videos, the funny, the traditional, the theatrical, and the amateur. The Best Slate Summit Video award celebrates the most entertaining and memorable videos showcased at Slate Summit. Which of these left a lasting impression on you long after the credits rolled?


Best Slate Summit Cocktail

Raise your glass and toast to the most tantalizing and unforgettable libations served at the Slate Summit Networking Event! The Best Slate Summit Cocktail award celebrates the creativity, flavor, and innovation of our signature Summit cocktails, which add a delightful touch of sophistication and fun to our festivities. From refreshing concoctions that cool down the dance floor, to bold and flavorful blends that ignite conversation and camaraderie, these cocktails are crafted with care and served with flair. Each sip is a celebration of our shared experiences and the vibrant spirit of our community. Which cocktail tantalized your taste buds and left you craving more?


  • The Opt Out (2014) Gin, Tonic & Curacao

  • The Retroactive Refresh (2014) Gin, Tonic & Grenadine

  • The Voyager (2017) Vodka, Cranberry, Curacao, Soda & Sour Mix

  • The Configurable Cocktail (2019) Guava, Lime Juice & Liquor of Choice

  • The Slate Night Special (2023) Jack Honey, Ginger Beer & Lime

Best Slate Spirit

These Slate super-users take Slate Spirit seriously! The nominees for the Best Slate Spirit award live and breathe Slate, embodying the true essence of Slate Spirit: passion, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to our community. These spirited individuals light up the Slate Community with their infectious energy and unending support. Which nominee do you believe best embodies this role, never failing to lift your spirit and ignite a passion for all things Slate?


  • Ryan Motevalli-Oliner, Associate Dean for Enrollment Operations, Kenyon College

  • Christa Lentz, Recruitment Technology Manager University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

  • Elodie M. Hardt, Systems Analyst Project Manager of Enrollment and Student CRM Systems University of Richmond

  • Diane Hapke, CRM Systems Developer, East Stroudsburg University

  • Alyssa Andriotis, Assistant Director of Programs, Oklahoma Arts Institute

Best Community Contributor

These individuals have made significant contributions to our vibrant Slate Community, consistently going above and beyond to support and uplift their fellow community members. From sharing valuable insights and resources to offering guidance and encouragement, these nominees have played a key role in fostering a sense of belonging and connection within our community. Let's recognize and celebrate their contributions, which have helped to elevate us all.


  • Jasmine Solomon, Senior Associate Director, Systems Operations New York University

  • John Michael Cuccia, Senior Technology Consultant, RHB

  • Luis A. Cueva, Director of Systems, Data & Analytics, Office of Graduate Education, Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Katie Jordan, Director of Slate Operations, enrollmentFUEL

  • Matthew Schieren, Assistant Director of Technology Operations, The University of Chicago

Best Campus Contributor

There are certain people in an office that are the key to helping others reach their full potential. They are your local on-campus hero, someone you rely upon to accomplish the challenging, help others, and support the mission. They may not always get all the fame and glory, but their contributions to their campus' overall success deserves recognition.


  • Joe Hoselton, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions – Slate Captain for the Graduate Instance, Southern Methodist University, Moody Graduate School of Graduate & Advanced Studies

  • Brittany B. Richardson, Programmer Analyst III, The University of Alabama

  • Chelsea Palmer, Associate Director of Operations, Pepperdine University

  • Cathy Do, Assistant Director – Application Management, Florida State University

  • Rabia Shattuck, CRM Coordinator, University of Arkansas

Best Internal (Staff/Campus) Portal

These innovative and user-friendly internal portals have transformed the way that staff and campus members engage and collaborate within their institutions, serving as the backbone of organizational efficiency and community connectivity. Nominees in this category have demonstrated excellence in providing intuitive interfaces, valuable content, and seamless navigation, enhancing productivity and fostering a sense of belonging within the institution.


  • The UNF myNest Project Team assisted by HCRC, University of North Florida

  • Emily Saarloos, Admissions Operations Manager, Redeemer University

  • Terry Malone, Senior Director of Admissions, Clark University

  • Margaret Foster, Enrollment Operations & Technology Director, SUNY Geneseo

  • Ghina Baassiri, Software Engineer, American University of Beirut

Best External (Student/Alumni Portal)

This award celebrates the outstanding external portals that cater to the needs of students and alumni, offering a seamless digital experience beyond the confines of campus. These portals foster a sense of community and support throughout the academic journey and beyond. From applicant portals to Giving Day portals, with audiences that range from students, alumni, parents, donors, counselors, and more, these external portals are creative, powerful, useful, and elegant.


  • Amanda Lowe, Assistant Director of Admissions for Systems & UI/UX, George Fox University

  • Office of Undergraduate Admissions assisted by RHB, Auburn University

  • Mount Saint Mary’s Enrollment Team assisted by Waybetter Marketing, Inc., Mount Saint Mary’s University

  • The Slate Admissions Team at Westminster University assisted by RHB, Westminster University

  • Hail Slate Recruitment and Data Team assisted by RHB, Mississippi State University

Winners will be announced live on stage at the Slate Icon Awards during Slate Summit on Thursday, June 20, 2024.


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