🎙️ ReWorkflow Podcast: Road to Slate Summit ep. 6

The Slate Preferred Partner Program puts meaningful implementation and maintenance support and streamlined product integration at your fingertips through the work of established organizations in the higher education community. This series highlights some of the ways in which they can help you in your Slate journey. 

ReWorkflow has reached the season finale of their six-episode series called “Road to Slate Summit”, with Episode 6 - Debriefing launching today. Join Megan and super helpful community member from Technolutions, Christopher Kwan, as they discuss making the most of your time at Summit and then going home and turning those ideas into action. They'll get into the details on debriefing, following-up with new contacts, and applying new ideas to day-to-day work. Listen in to learn from their experience and prepare for your own Slate Summit adventure.

Listen to all the episodes in the “Road to Summit” series released monthly January - June 2024.

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