Insights from the Experts: Key Takeaways from the Carnegie 'Stump the Slate Squad' Webinar

The Slate Preferred Partner Program puts meaningful implementation and maintenance support and streamlined product integration at your fingertips through the work of established organizations in the higher education community. This series highlights some of the ways in which they can help you in your Slate journey. 

The Carnegie Slate Squad, comprising 45 Slate Strategists, addressed various Slate-related questions during a recent "Stump the Slate Squad" webinar. Some of their favorites are recapped in their article Stump the Slate Squad Follow-Up: Helping You Find Solutions in Slate.

Key topics covered include:

πŸ”„ Merging and Unmerging Records

πŸ“§ Large Volume Slate Emails

πŸ” Source Format Uploads

πŸš€ Converting Event Landing Pages into Portals

⏸️ Suspending Slate Messages

πŸ”‘ Displaying User Identity in Portal Reports

πŸ’‘ Leveraging Concierge in Slate

🚫 Non-Slate Users Accessing Student Material

πŸ“Š Using Configurable Joins

For further information, visit Carnegie.


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