Exploring ReSource: A ReWorkflow Public Knowledge Base for Slate Users

The Slate Preferred Partner Program puts meaningful implementation and maintenance support and streamlined product integration at your fingertips through the work of established organizations in the higher education community. This series highlights some of the ways in which they can help you in your Slate journey. 

ReWorkflow announces ReSource, a public Knowledge Base that addresses a broad spectrum of users in this domain. Their aim is to provide a go-to source for information and guidance related to Slate.

The knowledge base is structured into various sections, each targeting different aspects and levels of Slate usage such as:

  1. Skills Section

     This area dives into specific skills and techniques for working with Slate. It’s crafted to offer users guidance on various topics.

  2. Analysis Chapters

    In these chapters, users can explore in-depth analyses.

  3. Easy Recipes

    The Easy Recipes section provides straightforward, easy-to-follow guidance for those looking for quick solutions to common questions in Slate.

  4. Harder Recipes

    This part of the knowledge base is designed for more advanced users comfortable tackling complex tasks in Slate. 

  5. The Slate API

    This section is dedicated to understanding the API's capabilities, including both fundamental and advanced functionalities.

For more information, visit ReWorkflow.


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