Affinity Groups, Meet Slate at Sea

Affinity Groups are a Summit favorite year after year. This year, the Summit Affinity Groups will be meeting on a Chicago City Fleet of ships. Network with your peers and discuss all the ways you can help each other while admiring sweeping views of the Chicago skyline during 90 minute lake cruises!

What to Expect

Summit Affinity Groups are peer-led discussion sessions where participants are encouraged to share best practices across institutions. Each boat has multiple types of sessions available, including facilitated group discussion, networking, and round tables. Discussions range from knowledge sharing about specific processes in Slate to university best practices outside of Slate. Moderators will provide talking points and each session will last approximately one hour, leaving a half hour to mingle, network, and enjoy scenic Lake Michigan. This year, each attendee is restricted to one affinity group to allow all Summit registrants the opportunity to set sail on Lake Michigan.

Pre-Registration is Now Open

Space is limited, and pre-registration is first come, first served. Summit Registration is required to pre-register for Affinity Groups. Take a look at the available sessions below and visit the Summit Schedule for more details!

Affinity Group Sessions


  • Web and Branding Affinity Session, Communications Networking, Marketing Roundtable

  • Advancement Training and Onboarding Affinity Session, Fundraising Affinity Session, Volunteers Affinity Session

  • Graduate Applications Affinity Session, Graduate and Professional Schools Networking, Graduate and Professional Schools Roundtable

  • Travel Management Affinity Session, Regular and Complex Events Management Affinity Session, Visits Affinity Session

  • Student Success Networking, Student Success Affinity Session

Food and Drink: Light refreshments - charcuterie board style, water/soda (non-alcoholic)


  • University Systems Affinity Session, Shared and Multi-Instance Affinity Session, Multi-Instance Training and Onboarding Roundtable

  • Staff Managers Affinity Session, Small and Solo Staff Affinity Session, Recruiting and Hiring Affinity Session

  • Secondary Schools Affinity Session, Community Colleges Affinity Session

  • and Affinity Session, Admissions Networking

  • Leadership Affinity Session

Food and Drink: Continental breakfast items, water/soda/coffee/tea (non-alcoholic)

We look forward to cruising into the Slate-iverse with you this summer in Chicago!


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