Learning Lab: Your One-Stop Hub for Slate Mastery

Dive into the dynamic world of database management with Learning Lab's online courses. Specially designed to help you gain comprehensive understanding of your Slate database, our platform offers flexible, self-paced learning options. Whether you're a beginner seeking foundational knowledge or an expert desiring in-depth exploration, we've got the right course for you.

Your learning, your pace

  • Flexible Learning: Start, stop, and continue on your own schedule. Learn at the pace that best suits your needs.

  • Interactive Courses: Engage in innovative learning methods designed to promote active understanding.

  • New Content, Always: Stay updated with our constant addition of new courses, expanding your learning opportunities.

Professional development opportunities

With Learning Lab, you're not just learning—you're growing professionally. Each course serves as a stepping stone in your professional journey, helping you build a robust resume. Our training will empower you with the skills and knowledge to effectively navigate, manage, and utilize your Slate database, paving the way for career advancement.

Two collections, one Learning Lab

  • Initial Training & Implementation

    Learn at your own pace through these interactive online courses. Build your database and discover the breadth and interconnected nature of Slate. Learn core functionality for admissions, student success, and alumni/advancement offices. Each course's approach varies, focusing on specific use cases, high-level concepts, and step-by-step tutorials.

    Register for a course at any time—at the start of your implementation or later in your journey, and access it for one full year from the date of registration.

  • Continuing Education

    Discover curated courses and resources tailored for professionals in Admissions and Enrollment, Student Success, and Advancement. Unleash new possibilities to streamline processes and advance Slate knowledge. Elevate your expertise and unlock your potential.

Fundamentals of Slate

Our Fundamentals of Slate collection is the starting point for new schools who are implementing Slate for Admissions, Student Success, and Advancement. Learners will focus on understanding core Slate functionality — and how all of the pieces connect — as they move through the course at their own pace. This is a hands-on learning experience with learners building out example to reinforce the conceptual learning in their very own learning test environment.


  • Administrators and super users for new databases who are beginning their implementation.

    These courses are also suitable for any staff members who may be new to Slate or any existing users who need a refresher on foundational concepts and core functionality.

  • Users can sign up for Fundamentals courses within the Home Slate section of their database. Once registered, the courses are accessible for one year.

  • Registration costs $250 per person. This fee is waived for the first three registrants from each Slate institution.

Continuing Education

Our continuing education collection features topic specific lessons that help deepen your understanding of Slate. Through specific and detailed use cases, build along with the lessons to grow your professional understanding of our best-in-class CRM. We’re always rolling out new courses throughout the year that are included in any active enrollment in the continuing education collection.

  • Our continuing education courses are designed for all levels of Slate users with courses built for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced user.

  • The continuing education collection of courses may be purchased either a la carte or as part of your registration for the Slate Summit.

    The course collection is accessible for one year from the date of registration and includes and new courses released during the year. Users may register and access the collection via the Home Slate section of your Slate database.

  • Year long access to the continuing education collection costs $495 per person.

  • No, the Fundamentals courses must be purchased separately.

  • Learning Lab provides a progress tracking feature that allows users to monitor their course completion status and track their learning progress within the platform.