Slate Community Moderators Program

Slate recognizes individuals who have expertise in Slate
functionality. Users with expert knowledge of Slate tools, an understanding of best practices in Slate processes, and high levels of engagement within the Slate community are encouraged to become Slate Community Moderators.

What do Community Moderators do?

  • Volunteer their time to help craft the community experience

  • Answer questions and comment on posts-Share valuable tips and skills

  • Flag items that need attention from other community members, Preferred Partners, and Technolutions

  • Participate in User Group meetings, and Technolutions-sponsored events such as the Slate Innovation Festival and Community Calls

Community Moderators receive some unique and valuable perks for being a part of the program, including:

  • "Moderator Badge" in the community forums

  • Access to private channel for connecting with fellow moderators on the Slate Community Moderator Team

  • Monthly check-in call with Technolutions staff

  • Access to exclusive content, swag, and more!

Slate Community Moderators, which comprise admissions, student success, and advancement Slate enthusiasts, use their real-world Slate experience to help other community members succeed.