Dive Deeper with EAB

Thursday, December 1 at 2pm ET

We all know that excellent marketing is table stakes when it comes to meeting your enrollment goals – but great marketing without an equally great audience generation strategy may leave you falling short of your goals in 2023 and beyond. Fortunately, with the right expertise, schools can identify and attract more right-fit students and build a top-of-funnel audience that translates into enrollments.

In this webinar, EAB experts will take a deep dive into modern student search and marketing approaches. In particular, we will focus on strategies and best practices that we use to expand their reach and maximize their audience spend.

Working with hundreds of schools to recalibrate their name buying, identify new markets, and generate more inbound leads has given EAB a deep understanding of the pitfalls and misconceptions that keep schools from succeeding. Join this webinar to learn:

• Common pitfalls and misconceptions that keep schools from succeeding
• Key considerations when developing an audience strategy
• Tips to grow your student body and shape your next class

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Slate Spotlight

Our Slate Spotlight series focuses on leveraging Slate to its fullest. Dive in to uncover new ways to use all the tools at your disposal to most effectively achieve your operational and business objectives.

Active Scheduler Revisited

This session is an opportunity to review the benefits and functionality of Active Scheduler.  Inspired by feedback gathered from the Slate community, you’ll also learn about some exciting new enhancements to this feature in Slate!

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The Slate.org Application Tracker

Come learn about some exciting new enhancements to Slate.org! Technolutions staff will demo new features—including the new student application tracker, which will allow students to manage their application workflow in one centralized location.

Additionally, we will discuss how this free platform can be used to keep colleges, counselors, and students on the same page during the application and decision release process.

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Active Scheduler

Learn about exciting enhancements to Scheduler during this webinar led by Ken Higgins, General Manager of Student Success. You can now easily and effectively display your availability, manage appointments, create ad-hoc alternative schedules, and fully integrate with Outlook or Google Calendars–all within Slate!


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Slate.org Portals

We’re taking communication during the application process to the next level! Introducing Slate.org portals, which empower colleges and universities to customize organization profiles and applicant data for counselors to view in Slate.org.

This Technolutions-led session will highlight:

–Tips for customizing your college profile to display application deadlines, scholarships, events, video/social media content, etc.
–The ability to dynamically display applicant data, including more granular decision information.
–Best practices for engaging counselors with school-specific content.

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Portal Editor

Technolutions staff members will present updates to the portal editor. Portal views will now support dynamic layouts with endless combinations as well as new widget types to spice things up. Drag-and-drop your way to portal success!

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Using the New Cycle Prep Status Page

Join this Technolutions-led session for an introduction to Cycle Prep 2021! We’ll cover some important considerations for this year’s Cycle Prep process, and demonstrate how to use the new Cycle Prep Status Page to customize the process to suit your institution’s unique needs. Don’t miss it!

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Slate Video and Dynamic Snippets with Alexander Clark

Introducing Slate Video, a way to send personalized video messages via email or SMS to connect with your prospects, applicants, students, alumni, and donors. The recipient will be directed to a portal to view the video either by itself or surrounded by personalized content. Take your video messages to the next level by incorporating them into dynamic content snippets. Snippets now support the full capabilities of Configurable Joins, allowing merge fields to dynamically populate when adding the snippet to a message. This allows the video content to be hyper-contextualized, including designing where the merge fields, copy, and the video thumbnail should be placed.

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Actionable Fundraising Intelligence for Higher Education

Presented by iWave and Slate

The Fundraising industry has changed and advancement teams have had to work smarter and faster in what is now a more competitive environment.  Understanding your constituents’ capacity and likelihood to give is critical.  With the right donor intel and analytic insights, higher education organizations can optimize their portfolios and increase their chance of success by focusing on the right prospects.

In this webinar, iWave and Slate will show you how their platforms integrate to deliver actionable fundraising intelligence at your fingertips so you can easily understand your constituents at a deeper level and focus on prospects with the greatest gift potential.

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Slate for Student Success

Are you interested in learning more about how Slate can support your student success efforts? Slate satisfies all the needs of today’s student success offices, including appointment scheduling, comprehensive communication plans, advising notes, early alerts, case management, predictive modeling, and user portal options.

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Slate Voice with Alexander Clark

During this virtual event, Alexander Clark will reveal how Slate Voice, a fully integrated telecommunications platform, can be leveraged to simplify campus telephony.  Learn how Slate Voice can streamline processes and communications in your admissions, advancement, or student affairs offices by empowering you to:

–Provision new Slate phone numbers for staff
–Place calls directly from a record, call list, or anywhere a phone number is available
–Collect additional call details via associated call forms
–Record, view, and listen to calls from a record’s timeline
–Monitor, “Whisper”, and take over calls from a centralized switchboard
–Query and report on these call metrics

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Configurable Joins with Alexander Clark

Join our founder and CEO, Alexander Clark, for a comprehensive tour of Slate’s Configurable Joins query functionality. We’ll share best practices for getting the most out of this powerful tool, and discuss some of the latest features that have been released.
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Slate Print: Powered by KelmscottEDU

Maximize the effectiveness of your existing communications by adding automated print pieces to your plans! Send static or personalized postcards, letters, mailers, brochures, and viewbooks as part of your overall Slate communication strategy. Our Associate Product Manager Cody Homan-Gray and Client Support Engineer Ariana Vacs Renwick were joined by KelmscottEDU‘s Executive Vice President, Kathleen Cross, on Friday, July 10, to learn the setup, process, and design options available through Slate Print.

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Suitcase with Carnegie, powered by Underscore

Briefcase, but bigger. Create personalized packages that include a variety of objects—such as forms, source formats, and portals—that can be imported to another Slate database altogether and all at once. Additionally, users can select which items they would like to bring in from these objects upon import; for example, deciding which fields on a form should be included in a Suitcase, or which mailings associated with a form should be included.

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Deliver Designer with enrollmentFUEL

Deliver Designer empowers email marketers to design highly configurable templates from which users can easily deliver email communications in harmony with institutional design standards. Within a template, designers can create any number of programmable content blocks called components. These components can be locked to prevent editing by other users, and they can include configurable variables that provide a variety of brand-appropriate styling options. Templates and components can be previewed before sending to ensure that the email renders as desired.

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Spotlight on Slate.org for Recruitment

Watch this Slate Spotlight webinar to learn how Slate.org can be helpful in your recruitment strategy. The Slate.org team will lead a short walk through a short tutorial on ways to conceptualize Slate.org in your processes. Follow along to explore the Slate.org filter, Voyager overlay, and discuss some talking points to work with your high school partners through Slate.org.

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Spotlight on Data Explorer with RNL

In addition to queries and data/charts, Data Explorer can now be added to new or existing reports—offering a new real-time visualization library. Users can specify the data columns and population for which the report should be generated and then choose how they would like that data to be displayed (for example, pivot tables, heat maps, dynamic charts, and more). Every change made will refresh the data/display in less than a second, making this an excellent tool for those occasions where users may want to quickly and easily see how potential data changes are reflected.

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Dive Deeper with Slate Preferred Partners

The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. This series showcases the expertise our Platinum Preferred Partners bring to the Slate community.

Dive Deeper with Axiom Elite: Slate & Student System Integration with Axiom Elite

St. Lawrence University will highlight their integration with Ellucian Colleague and Slate. Mark Phalen will detail the University’s use of Slate and how St. Lawrence University approached integration with Colleague. We will also hear from Stonehill College on their integration with Slate and Ellucians Banner. Geoffery Smith will detail their use of the Slate CRM and how Stonehill College currently handles the integration with Banner.

Conner D. LLoyd, Axiom Elite
Mark Phalen, St. Lawrence University
Geoffery Smith, Stonehill College

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Dive Deeper with Carnegie, powered by Underscore: Slate Reports + Slate Portals = Carnegie Reportals

Already see the value in Slate Reports? Slate Portals? Then you’re going to love the fusion of these two tools into a Carnegie Reportal. With Carnegie Reportals, materialized views are the foundation to house an infinite amount of reports – all within a dynamic portal. Allow for data visualization through charts, pivot tables, and so much more, while maintaining traditional reports to look at your funnel/pipeline data. Customize permissions to ensure campus constituents see what they need. Join us as we discuss the combination of reporting and portal building with Carnegie Reportals.

Tom Muscarello, Carnegie, powered by Underscore
Amanda Garay-Cedeno, Carnegie, powered by Underscore

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Dive Deeper with Human Capital Research Corporation: Maximizing Your Slate Instance Using the Power of Datasets

Datasets: not just for Organization data! Learn how to leverage the nearly unlimited utility of Slate datasets to upgrade your institution’s business processes. Combining datasets with the power of configurable joins will allow you to create flexible and highly dynamic configurations that can transform the way you use Slate. Examples will include:

– Using datasets to centrally maintain academic program information (checklist requirements, term deadlines, etc) and learning how to leverage this information to power conditional logic on application forms, application logic/hard fails, Deliver mailings, Portals, and just about anywhere else.
– Using datasets to serve as the backbone for parent/delegated access portals and communications
– Leveraging datasets to build the ultimate student success platform – from case management to course offerings to student tutoring and more.

Chris Browning, Human Capital Research Corporation
Rob Galarza, Human Capital Research Corporation

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Dive Deeper with Net Natives: Find the Best Fit: Optimizing Your Marketing Efforts Through A/B Testing and Two-Part Forms

Is shorter always better when it comes to landing pages and forms? Or, is there a time and a place for longer versions that capture more information? The answer is “yes” — to both questions. But, when do you know which option works best?

Join Net Natives as we explore strategies for effectively using two-part forms and A/B testing to improve conversion rates and increase buy-in and collaboration among your marketing and enrollment teams. In this session, we will discuss the challenges people face when trying to identify what is causing bounce rates and form abandonment, examine how these issues can greatly impact conversion at the top of your funnel, look at the impact all of this can have on the user experience, and debunk any marketing myths that may exist.

By the end of this one-hour webinar, you’ll be better equipped to improve lead generation, all while striking a balance between the shorter-is-better marketing mindset and your enrollment team’s desire to capture as much information as possible.

Jason Hamilton, Net Natives
Julian Pareja, Net Natives

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Dive Deeper with Niche: Make College Search and Selection Easy, Transparent, and Free

Making the college search easy, transparent, and free is more than just Niche’s guiding principle. With fewer students going to college and more stressors in students’ lives it’s more critical than ever to remove barriers and open doors. You’ll learn about removing barriers to generating inquiries and applications, and what students want colleges to know about the challenges in their search process they want to be removed.

Will Patch, Niche

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Dive Deeper with RHB: Maximizing Slate for Student Success

RHB has provided forward-thinking implementation solutions to hundreds of institutions that use Slate for admissions, advancement and student success. During this webinar, RHB Senior Technology Consultants, Jolene Monson and Abraham Noel will highlight best practices for approaching a student success implementation, along with examples of managing effective on-campus communications, faculty advising processes and student engagement initiatives at colleges/universities and k-12 campuses.

Jolene Monson, RHB
Abraham Noel, RHB

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Dive Deeper with RNL: Boost Your Enrollment Results Through Slate Optimization

Enrollment management has become more data-driven than ever. It also means that having a robust CRM is essential to your enrollment success. Yet many institutions have CRMs that are underutilized, inefficient, or misaligned with your enrollment goals.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can optimize Slate to power your student search campaigns and meet your enrollment goals. During this session, our presenters discuss how RNL can help you get the most out of your CRM.

See how you can improve data integration and communication flows as well as assess and optimize your CRM.
Find out how RNL experts can tailor your CRM to your specific enrollment goals.
Learn how you can really put your data to work for your marketing and recruitment campaigns, increasing engagement with prospective students.

April Bush, RNL
Robert Tallerico, RNL

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Dive Deeper with Scoir: Creating Connections through a Student-Centered Approach

What does it mean to take a truly student-centered approach to your recruitment? In this session we dive deep into how you can use your existing data gold mine to center your marketing and communications on what prospective students want to know most about your campus community to begin making meaningful connections.

Megan Kauffman McCorkle, Scoir
Ashley Smith, Scoir

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Dive Deeper with Unibuddy: From A to Gen Z: Catering to the Students of Today

Above all, practitioners want to understand Gen Z. Gaining insights into students’ real questions and concerns throughout their higher ed decision-making process should and can be a seamless endeavor. Colleges and universities no longer need to wonder what makes their students tick. They can now learn about their interests in topics like career progression, course structure, and living accommodations through digital recruitment tools

In this session, Unibuddy will share our machine learning-powered analysis of millions of messages that showcase what students truly care about, when discussions are happening, and how those topics differ based on individual demographics. We’ll also share success stories from our 500+ university partners to illustrate what all of this means for institutions.
We’ll also be joined by one of our university partners who combines the use of both Slate and Unibuddy, to provide a seamless, authentic, and personalized student experience.

Attendees will come away with a fresh, new perspective on the perspectives of Gen Z students, and some tips on how to harness their tech stack to authentically engage with these students.

Rachel Martin, Unibuddy

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Dive Deeper with Waybetter Marketing: Reports: Not Just For Your Enrollment Funnel!

Have you utilized the Slate Reports module to its full potential?

It’s a question many Slate captains ask themselves and, if you’re like one of the countless instances we’ve audited, you have not. It’s time to expand your reporting repertoire!

Join the Waybetter team to learn the reports every instance needs AND how to construct them.

After 60-minutes, you will have:

A prioritized list of reports you need
The steps to configure them regardless of your data infrastructure
How to construct reports to easily surface hidden data to enrollment leadership
A different outlook on how you and your operations team examines its data
One suitcase to start you off
Above all else, you’ll walk away able to harness the power of the Reports module to fully optimize your admission operations, examine your event success, and leverage key web insights with Ping.

Clay Myers, Waybetter Marketing
Kishan Zuber, Waybetter Marketing

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The Whole Picture: A Lifetime of Engagement, Supported by Technology with RHB

In higher education, student engagement is largely defined by the contemporary relationship a person has with your institution—prospective student, enrolled student or alumnus. How would your strategies change if you took a lifelong view of constituent engagement powered by your mission and Slate?

View the recorded experience from Tuesday, July 21, led by higher education marketer Rob Zinkan, #emchat founder (and Technolutions alumnus) Alex Williams and Slate super-user Abraham Noel, all of RHB, as they dive deeper into these questions and more!

RHB, a marketing consultancy serving higher education, helps institutions maximize student lifetime value, a manifestation of our guiding principle of Coherence.

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How to Engage Students through Personalized Video featuring RNL

Video has quickly become the preferred way to consume content, especially among Gen Z. 52% of marketing professionals around the world name video as the type of content with best ROI. One big reason why: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Due to the pandemic, this fall will be more challenging than ever to recruit, retain and engage students. By developing a thought-out strategy for video and other online events solutions that compliment CRM capabilities at your institution, you can create a sustainable program that will allow you to engage with your audience, create deeper connections, and attract new students to your institution.

This webinar, led by Amy Weiss, Vice President & Consultant, Enrollment Management, RNL, and featuring Alice Arredondo, Ed.D., Director of Admissions, UMKC reviews how to:

— Leverage personalized video and online events throughout the enrollment process as new channels to recruit new students in an individualized and engaging way

— Increase the likelihood (by up to 19 times!) of students to enroll through the delivery of personalized video
Reduce melt and boost yield for accepted students

— Communicate your financial aid message in a relevant and compelling way that helps students better understand the components of their offer

— Build a successful video campaign that includes strategy, budgeting, data, creative, production, deployment, and measurement

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UNDERSCORE Your Slate Experience

Are you making the most out of your Slate instance? Join Underscore, the country’s largest Slate development and optimization company, to find out how to best leverage your institution’s instance. Throughout this session, you will learn more about how Underscore has successfully developed an array of Slate services for more than 50 colleges and universities around the country. Through tips and tricks, case studies and testimonials from current clients, you will find out how to not only achieve optimal results in Slate, but save tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars along the way.

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How to Increase Enrollment by Nudging Students Through the Funnel with NICHE

Prospective students come to you through search campaigns, inquiry forms, applications, and countless other specific sources. Each applicant is unique and this conversation reviews approaches and best practices that can help nudge them through to enrollment. Niche will discuss:

–How to speak to prospects, best fit prospects, and inquiries differently for the best results
–How to segment your comm flows to speak to students in relevant ways
–How to use digital remarketing to reach students where they are

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A Student's Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities Surrounding the College Admissions Process with SCOIR

The college admissions process is often overwhelming for students. Compound that with the challenges they face today, and you have a scenario unlike we’ve ever seen before.

To better understand the mindset of today’s students, Scoir conducted research to listen to their challenges and hear about ways they want to see the college admissions process improve.

We’ll share key insights we found from our research in this webinar and highlight opportunities we’ve identified to address these challenges – for both students and colleges.

Scoir is a college admissions network where students, parents, high schools, and colleges come together to help students discover and apply to the right college.

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Turbocharging Slate-Based Recruitment Marketing with Advanced Data Science from EAB

Key components of yield IQ include:
• Rapid buildout of a data-exchange infrastructure that automatically extracts data from Slate and returns analyses to it, giving a continuous read on how your entering class is shaping
• Predictive models based on advanced data science, including machine learning, that give unparalleled insight into any given student’s likelihood to yield
• Propriety data sources, including EAB’s Enrollment Services’ cohort of 300+ partner colleges and universities, EAB student-survey data, and national consumer data sets

This presentation will illustrate, via a case study from Siena College, how the combination of Slate and YieldIQ enables enrollment teams to triage their efforts to where they will have the greatest impact, by revealing which students are most likely to respond to more intensive outreach.

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5 Steps to Navigating the Enrollment Cycle and Your Slate Instance with Waybetter Marketing

Why did your institution purchase Slate?

If you’re like many in the industry, you may find it difficult for whatever reason (not enough time, not enough manpower, not enough know-how) to accomplish your initial goals.

Join Rich Whipkey, president of Waybetter Marketing, and his team as they break down the steps it takes to accomplish what you originally set out to do. By boiling it down into a simple, achievable action plan, Waybetter has helped many clients revolutionize their usage of Slate.

During our 60 minutes together, you’ll learn tangible tips related to forms, Ping, event templates, populations, campaigns, snippets, and more.

Plus, you’ll learn how to roll up your sleeves and:

-Define or re-define how you want Slate to work for you

-Map out your strategy for the multi-channel student journey

-Understand what data your vision requires and where it should come from

-Produce high-converting content across all channels

-Build and automate all touchpoints in Slate with precision and efficiency

Finally, you’ll get exclusive insight into the common pitfalls Waybetter Marketing has identified after performing countless audits of other Slate instances.

We look forward to helping you.

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Dive Deeper with Axiom Elite: Slate & Student System (ERP) Integration

Axiom Elite is Extract, Transform Verify and Load (ETVL) software that collects data from Slate and a variety of other sources, then uploads it directly into your student information system (SIS). In the presentation we will cover how the Axiom Team is working on creating seamless integrations to and from the (SIS) with the Slate CRM and dive into the Axiom & Slate Briefcase queries for exporting data from Slate. We will show Connection types within the Axiom Elite Product and look into the automation that Axiom can provide as well as look into our future goals around the Slate integration that we provide.

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Dive Deeper with EAB: The Future of College Search: Can Your Marketing Keep Pace in a Digital-First World?

The enrollment landscape has shifted forever, and yesterday’s strategies are no longer sufficient in today’s digital-first recruiting environment. To amplify your enrollment results, you’ll need to deliver marketing campaigns that are responsive, personalized, and precisely timed.

Dive Deeper with HCRC: Integrating Systems, Analytics, and Practice within Slate: The Key to HCRC's Enrollment Strategy

For more than three decades, HCRC has embraced a holistic approach to understanding the dynamics of enrollment demand, institutional productivity and academic value. Towards that end, we have come to recognize that sustainable solutions require the integration of information systems technology, advanced analytics, and professional practice.

Join HCRC in this webinar to learn more about how Slate, predictive analytics and recruitment practices can be brought together to improve enrollment outcomes in an increasingly competitive market environment. In particular, this webinar will focus specifically on geographic targeting, the use of multiple analytic indices by which a college and university can use analytics to inform itself about its geo-legacy feeder patterns and how that improves productivity in top-of-the-funnel strategy and practice.

The webinar will feature the analyst Brian Zucker, founder and president of HCRC, who has pushed the frontiers of applied enrollment management research for more than 30 years; the systems gurus, Chris Browning and Rob Galarza, who lead HCRC’s Slate Services practice and are well known in the Slate community, and the practitioner, David Kalsbeek, consultant at HCRC, former Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management at DePaul University, and one of foremost thought-leaders in the enrollment management profession.

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Dive Deeper with Niche: Now You're Speaking Their Language!

Join this session to dive into what students and parents what to hear about, and how, to help tactically recruit. Niche will examine what students and parents say they care about as well as how they behave when researching colleges. Come with questions because we’ll have answers!

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Dive Deeper with RHB: Approaching Student Success Project in Slate

Join us for a community panel on Student Success projects in Slate. Discussed will be using Slate’s robust toolkit and record concepts to meet various needs in the Student Success realm such as student retention, post-enrollment communications, advising, and other areas. The panel will talk through how to approach the project from the standpoint of preparing for success with Slate. The discussion will be open to the community to ask questions to the panel.

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Dive Deeper with RNL: Conduct Your Own Slate Assessment to Optimize Your System

Having a robust CRM is a critical component of data-driven enrollment management. Yet many institutions have CRMs that are underutilized, inefficient, or the initial implementation process was misaligned with their enrollment needs and goals.

No matter how long your institution has used Slate, there is always additional functionality that can be added or updated, processes to streamline, or data integrations to automate. Join us for this webinar where we will talk about how to approach a system review, where to start, how to evaluate your instance, and what to do to make sure you can enact real change from your findings.

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Dive Deeper with Scoir: Student Insights to Help Shape Your Funnel

Physical recruiting season is coming to an end, which means data and analytics will become a key driver in determining many institution’s strategy for filling their class of 2022. To help your school get to the finish line for this year’s recruiting cycle, Scoir conducted an analysis of student trends and behaviors across our network that we’ll share during this webinar. Join us to learn more, identify opportunities, and find new ways to build authentic relationships with students.

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Dive Deeper with Underscore: Mind the Gap: Popular Pitfalls in Slate Projects

We all know that it can be challenging to implement change, but we are here to share our expertise in setting your team up for success when starting or growing your institution in Slate. A panel of our consultants have consolidated their experiences with schools of all shapes and sizes and are ready to provide a blue print to strategize your next Slate project. We will cover best practices to avoid pitfalls – guiding your team to more impactful implementations, trainings, communications, portals, and more!

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Dive Deeper with Unibuddy: The Student is Now the Marketer: The Seven Steps to Creating a Student-to-Student Marketing Strategy that Sticks

The coronavirus pandemic propelled the world into a state of relentless change: The only constant is that things aren’t working the way they used to and the same is true for your marketing. It’s harder to stand out. It’s challenging to keep up with the unrelenting pace of technology. It feels impossible to create meaningful connections with prospects at scale.

Join Kyle Campbell, author of The Chat newsletter and 10-year higher education marketer, for a new lens where your best students can drive results for your university.

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Dive Deeper with Waybetter Marketing: Three Things You Should Do with Seniors Right Now

There are 3 steps you can take in your instance right now to optimize your management of Seniors. Why? Because it’s a critical time to capitalize on your interactions with every single one of them:

–The new inquiries that you are trying to convert into an app
–The incomplete apps that you are encouraging to submit an app
–The admitted students that you are releasing a decision to
–How do you keep all of this seamlessly working at once? How do you win at every point in the funnel? And, how do you talk to a generation of students who are digital natives and spend more time on their mobile devices than they probably do sleeping?

Apply to Alumni: Managing the Lifecycle in Slate

This series examines how Slate institutions leverage Slate to efficiently and effectively communicate with constituents at each stage of the applicant, student, and alumni stages of the lifecycle. Our expert panel discusses the challenges, successes, and changes institutions have faced managing communications in a rapidly changing landscape, and how Slate helps to overcome these obstacles.

Slate.org: Where the Conversation Begins

Watch this recorded panel discussion featuring members of our community who have used Slate and Slate.org to foster stronger communication and outreach during the college admission process. Learn more about the challenges, successes, and changes that schools have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward with a shared goal of impacting college access.

Panelists include:

Bryan Jue, Director of Marketing & Outreach
University of California, Irvine

Sara Urquidez, Executive Director
Academic Success Program

Philip Weisgold, Associate Director of College Counseling
Bullis School

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Admissions & Enrollment Management: Harnessing Slate for Optimal Communication

Join this virtual panel discussion highlighting the experiences of members of the Slate user community who have leveraged Slate to effectively and efficiently communicate with students at each stage of the enrollment funnel.  The focus of the conversation will be on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted student recruitment, and how panelists have reacted in the face of the crisis. Learn more about the challenges, successes, and changes that schools have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward in the changing admissions landscape.

Panelists include:

Brandie Benton, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Henderson State University

Jamilla Jamison, Director of Enrollment Strategies and Operations
Scripps College

Johnnie Johnson, Vice President of Admissions
Transylvania University

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Student Success: Engaging with Students to Achieve Results

Join this panel conversation that will highlight the experiences of Slate users who have leveraged Slate functionality for Student Success. With a rapidly growing focus on success, retention, and graduation rates, learn more about the challenges and successes schools have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward with a shared goal of impacting student success.

Panelists include:
Sable Vasquez, Director of Prospective Student Services & Retention
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Jon Cherry, Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Operations
Miami University of Ohio

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Slate for Advancement: Cultivating Lifelong Engagement

Join us for a special online panel discussion featuring members of the Slate community who are leveraging Slate to foster strong engagement and cultivation for their donors and alumni. Panelist represent institutions utilizing Slate both in standalone databases, as well as in combined admissions/advancement databases.

Learn more about the challenges, successes, and changes advancement offices have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward with the goal of cultivating lifelong engagement.

Panelists include:

Gina Mandros, Director of Advancement Operations
Illinois Wesleyan University

Justin Harville, CRM Specialist
Georgetown College

Ron Boczarski, Assistant Director of Administrative Computing
Clarkson University

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Student Success: Leveraging Slate Research to Support Advising and Student Success at Barnard

During this session learn how the Deans’ Office at Barnard tracks advising meetings in Slate using Research. By leveraging an early alert process where any faculty instructor can submit an alert form based on academic or personal concerns for a particular student, a workflow is triggered for an Adviser to follow up with the student to provide support/resources.  The Dean for Advising can monitor students at risk as well as manage advising meetings.  Barnard is working to include additional Research types to track (like Satisfactory Academic Progress) so that all of the student success data is housed in one place and can be easily reported off of and analyzed.

Noelle Cavacchioli
Associate Director for Continuous Improvement, BCIT
Barnard College

Ken Higgins
General Manager of Student Success

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Community Conversations: Panel Discussions on Thought Leadership Topics

Community Conversations are topical discussions led by Slate users, representing a particular cohort group. They range in focus from process discussions, to current events impacting an admissions group, to how schools leverage Slate to achieve a shared goal. The discussion is moderated by a Technolutions staff member and relies heavily on engagement from virtual audience members. Expect a lively chat and opportunity to get your questions answered by a Slate user of your peers!

Influencing the Community College Student Experience

When it comes to the student experience of being recruited, accepted and beyond, who is responsible for influencing that experience and how is it done? We will discuss the important role different offices on campus play in a student’s decision to attend college, specifically a community college.  Join the discussion to explore these topics and more!

Panelists include:
Maja Szostak, Interim Director of Admissions
SUNY Broome Community College

Krystle Dick, Director of Academic Advisement

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International Admission in a Changing Landscape

How are international admissions offices pivoting to best recruit new students and support current students?  This panel of your peers will focus the discussion on the role of virtual events and recruitment as well as testing and access.  Learn more about what works, what could work better, and how Slate can help. Contribute to the conversation on test optional: what does it mean for international admissions?  Have English language proficiency test policies changed?  What are the implications of these changes on business processes?

Panelists include:
Ruby Battacharya, Director of International Recruitment
Barnard College

Daniel Marschner, Director of International Admission
Loyola Marymount University

Click for a recorded webinar hosted by Slate Share!