Dive Deeper with Slate Preferred Partners

The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. This series showcases the expertise our Platinum Preferred Partners bring to the Slate community.

The Whole Picture: A Lifetime of Engagement, Supported by Technology with RHB

In higher education, student engagement is largely defined by the contemporary relationship a person has with your institution—prospective student, enrolled student or alumnus. How would your strategies change if you took a lifelong view of constituent engagement powered by your mission and Slate?

View the recorded experience from Tuesday, July 21, led by higher education marketer Rob Zinkan, #emchat founder (and Technolutions alumnus) Alex Williams and Slate super-user Abraham Noel, all of RHB, as they dive deeper into these questions and more!

RHB, a marketing consultancy serving higher education, helps institutions maximize student lifetime value, a manifestation of our guiding principle of Coherence.

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How to Engage Students through Personalized Video featuring RNL

Video has quickly become the preferred way to consume content, especially among Gen Z. 52% of marketing professionals around the world name video as the type of content with best ROI. One big reason why: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Due to the pandemic, this fall will be more challenging than ever to recruit, retain and engage students. By developing a thought-out strategy for video and other online events solutions that compliment CRM capabilities at your institution, you can create a sustainable program that will allow you to engage with your audience, create deeper connections, and attract new students to your institution.

This webinar, led by Amy Weiss, Vice President & Consultant, Enrollment Management, RNL, and featuring Alice Arredondo, Ed.D., Director of Admissions, UMKC reviews how to:

— Leverage personalized video and online events throughout the enrollment process as new channels to recruit new students in an individualized and engaging way

— Increase the likelihood (by up to 19 times!) of students to enroll through the delivery of personalized video
Reduce melt and boost yield for accepted students

— Communicate your financial aid message in a relevant and compelling way that helps students better understand the components of their offer

— Build a successful video campaign that includes strategy, budgeting, data, creative, production, deployment, and measurement

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UNDERSCORE Your Slate Experience

Are you making the most out of your Slate instance? Join Underscore, the country’s largest Slate development and optimization company, to find out how to best leverage your institution’s instance. Throughout this session, you will learn more about how Underscore has successfully developed an array of Slate services for more than 50 colleges and universities around the country. Through tips and tricks, case studies and testimonials from current clients, you will find out how to not only achieve optimal results in Slate, but save tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars along the way.

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How to Increase Enrollment by Nudging Students Through the Funnel with NICHE

Prospective students come to you through search campaigns, inquiry forms, applications, and countless other specific sources. Each applicant is unique and this conversation reviews approaches and best practices that can help nudge them through to enrollment. Niche will discuss:

–How to speak to prospects, best fit prospects, and inquiries differently for the best results
–How to segment your comm flows to speak to students in relevant ways
–How to use digital remarketing to reach students where they are

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A Student's Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities Surrounding the College Admissions Process with SCOIR

The college admissions process is often overwhelming for students. Compound that with the challenges they face today, and you have a scenario unlike we’ve ever seen before.

To better understand the mindset of today’s students, Scoir conducted research to listen to their challenges and hear about ways they want to see the college admissions process improve.

We’ll share key insights we found from our research in this webinar and highlight opportunities we’ve identified to address these challenges – for both students and colleges.

Scoir is a college admissions network where students, parents, high schools, and colleges come together to help students discover and apply to the right college.

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Turbocharging Slate-Based Recruitment Marketing with Advanced Data Science from EAB

Key components of yield IQ include:
• Rapid buildout of a data-exchange infrastructure that automatically extracts data from Slate and returns analyses to it, giving a continuous read on how your entering class is shaping
• Predictive models based on advanced data science, including machine learning, that give unparalleled insight into any given student’s likelihood to yield
• Propriety data sources, including EAB’s Enrollment Services’ cohort of 300+ partner colleges and universities, EAB student-survey data, and national consumer data sets

This presentation will illustrate, via a case study from Siena College, how the combination of Slate and YieldIQ enables enrollment teams to triage their efforts to where they will have the greatest impact, by revealing which students are most likely to respond to more intensive outreach.

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Apply to Alumni: Managing the Lifecycle in Slate

This series examines how Slate institutions leverage Slate to efficiently and effectively communicate with constituents at each stage of the applicant, student, and alumni stages of the lifecycle. Our expert panel discusses the challenges, successes, and changes institutions have faced managing communications in a rapidly changing landscape, and how Slate helps to overcome these obstacles.

Slate.org: Where the Conversation Begins

Watch this recorded panel discussion featuring members of our community who have used Slate and Slate.org to foster stronger communication and outreach during the college admission process. Learn more about the challenges, successes, and changes that schools have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward with a shared goal of impacting college access.

Panelists include:

Bryan Jue, Director of Marketing & Outreach
University of California, Irvine

Sara Urquidez, Executive Director
Academic Success Program

Philip Weisgold, Associate Director of College Counseling
Bullis School

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Admissions & Enrollment Management: Harnessing Slate for Optimal Communication

Join this virtual panel discussion highlighting the experiences of members of the Slate user community who have leveraged Slate to effectively and efficiently communicate with students at each stage of the enrollment funnel.  The focus of the conversation will be on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted student recruitment, and how panelists have reacted in the face of the crisis. Learn more about the challenges, successes, and changes that schools have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward in the changing admissions landscape.

Panelists include:

Brandie Benton, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Henderson State University

Jamilla Jamison, Director of Enrollment Strategies and Operations
Scripps College

Johnnie Johnson, Vice President of Admissions
Transylvania University

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Student Success: Engaging with Students to Achieve Results

Join this panel conversation that will highlight the experiences of Slate users who have leveraged Slate functionality for Student Success. With a rapidly growing focus on success, retention, and graduation rates, learn more about the challenges and successes schools have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward with a shared goal of impacting student success.

Panelists include:
Sable Vasquez, Director of Prospective Student Services & Retention
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Jon Cherry, Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Operations
Miami University of Ohio

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Slate for Advancement: Cultivating Lifelong Engagement

Join us for a special online panel discussion featuring members of the Slate community who are leveraging Slate to foster strong engagement and cultivation for their donors and alumni. Panelist represent institutions utilizing Slate both in standalone databases, as well as in combined admissions/advancement databases.

Learn more about the challenges, successes, and changes advancement offices have experienced over the past few months, along with some recommendations and best practices for moving forward with the goal of cultivating lifelong engagement.

Panelists include:

Gina Mandros, Director of Advancement Operations
Illinois Wesleyan University

Justin Harville, CRM Specialist
Georgetown College

Ron Boczarski, Assistant Director of Administrative Computing
Clarkson University

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Slate Spotlight

Our Slate Spotlight series focuses on leveraging Slate to its fullest. Dive in to uncover new ways to use all the tools at your disposal to most effectively achieve your operational and business objectives.

Slate Print: Powered by KelmscottEDU

Maximize the effectiveness of your existing communications by adding automated print pieces to your plans! Send static or personalized postcards, letters, mailers, brochures, and viewbooks as part of your overall Slate communication strategy. Our Associate Product Manager Cody Homan-Gray and Client Support Engineer Ariana Vacs Renwick were joined by KelmscottEDU‘s Executive Vice President, Kathleen Cross, on Friday, July 10, to learn the setup, process, and design options available through Slate Print.

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