Technical Details

Technolutions provides all hosting and server and security management for Slate in secure, telecommunications-grade modern datacenters on major Internet backbones. Slate is secure, fast, and integrated with existing institutional systems and infrastructure:

  • Airtight security with no history of data breaches
  • High performance design for massive scalability
  • Support for all modern browsers and mobile devices
  • DNS whitelabeling and branding integration
  • Single sign-on
  • Direct SQL access, real-time APIs and data feeds

End-to-End Encryption
Sensitive data is always received and transmitted over HTTPS, using 2048-bit keys, and stored in encrypted databases in secure datacenters. Slate integrates with institutional single sign-on, including CAS, SAML/Shibboleth, LDAP/Active Directory, OpenID, and other identity providers, with field-level permissions. Data is stored exclusively in the United States.

High Performance, High Availability
Slate receives more than 500 million hits each month and delivers more than 1 billion email messages each year. We have redundancy from the disks to the servers to the network. We consistently achieve 99.999% availability each year (less than 5 minutes of downtime for the entirety of a calendar year).

Secure, Isolated Databases
Institutional data is stored in its own private database and is never shared with other institutions or third parties. You can request, at any time, a complete backup copy of your database for secure on-campus storage. Source code and technology escrow agreements are included at no additional charge for added peace of mind.

Integrated Service
We've integrated our service and support resources right into Slate, including Slate TV training videos and webinars, the Slate Developer Network, the Slate Community Forums, and the Service Desk request tracking system. Communicate directly with your dedicated Program Manager at anytime.

Smart Maintenance Windows
Updates and new feature releases are deployed without any service interruption, and our rigorous change management protocols ensure that mission-critical services do not unexpectedly change or become unavailable.

Backbone Connectivity
We have direct connections to major Internet backbones, with access to multi-gigabit bandwidth. Ping times to many colleges and universities are under 5ms, and transfer rates to these institutions often approach 1gbps.

Resource Limitations

  • Applications: No limit or additional costs within licensing rate tier
  • Prospects/inquiries: No limit or additional costs
  • Users: No limit/costs
  • Database size: No limit/costs
  • Media storage: No limit/costs
  • Email delivery: No limit/costs

Import/Export Capabilities

  • PDF, PDF/A, and PDF/X
  • Image files (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and other mainstream formats)
  • Media files (any mainstream audio or video file format)
  • Excel 2007-2013 and Excel 97-2003
  • Delimited and fixed-width text
  • Word mail-merge
  • Email merge
  • iCal (Outlook, Google Calendar)
  • Batch management utilities


  • Supports all TWAIN 1.x and 2.x drivers
  • Local scanners
  • Network scanners
  • Duplex and large-format scanning
  • Blank page detection
  • Separator sheet detection and automatic splicing
  • Direct control of paper size, resolution, feeder, duplexing, and bit level

Mobile Device Support

  • Fast, responsive interfaces for mobile devices and tablets
  • Specialized interface for application reading on the iPad, with multi-touch and gesture support
  • No ActiveX, Java, or specific browsers or browser technologies required

Compliance Ready

  • WCAG 2.0 ADA/508 compliance
  • PCI/DSS compliance
  • USPS-verified mailing addresses
  • CAN-SPAM compliance with automated email unsubscribes and bounce/feedback loop management
  • FERPA/Buckley Amendment

Portfolio Uploads

  • Documents: Word, PDF, RTF
  • Images: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • Video: AVI, FLV, MP4, Quicktime, WMV
  • No per-gigabyte charges for hosting
  • No portfolio size restrictions
  • Support for individual files up to 5GB