Recognizing Slate Expertise

Slate Certified recognizes individuals who have expertise in Slate
functionality. Users with expert knowledge of Slate tools, an understanding of best practices
in Slate processes, and high levels of engagement within the Slate community are
encouraged to seek Slate Certified distinction.

To become Slate Certified, an individual must pass an annual certification exam and actively engage with the Slate community through Technolutions’ events. The exam is an assessment of an individual’s knowledge of Slate tools and functionality to determine if the highest level of proficiency has been achieved.

Individuals with the Slate Certified distinction are listed in a directory available within all Slate databases. Slate institutions looking for qualified knowledge and expert guidance within the larger Slate community can use the Slate Certified directory as a resource.

Certification Exam

Individuals must complete an annual assessment that covers a wide range of Slate topics including features, functionality, best practices, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and more.

Community Engagement

Engagement within the Slate community is a highly valued component of Slate Certified distinction. Individuals’ attendance and participation at Technolutions’ events such as the Slate Innovation Summit, Learning Lab training events, and live webinars all contribute towards achieving Slate Certified status.

Coming Soon

More information, including the application process and details on the assessment and engagement scoring, will be made available in 2021.